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The Classic MotorCycle is anxious to learn all about your motorcycle-related events. Contact us at The Classic MotorCycle, Mortons Media Ltd, Diary Listings, PO Box 99, Horncastle, Lincs LN9 6LZ or email In normal times,
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First-hand Witness
Reading the January 2021 article on the 50cc TT, and the follow-up in the February 2021 issue, brought back happy memories for me. I was at the 1962 TT and watched these incredible machines screaming round Braddan Bridge, swapping cogs mid corner.
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The Times They Are A Changin’
Since I first teetered onto the road as a 16-year-old paperboy with L-plates, I’ve never been without an old motorbike. Admittedly, my first one didn’t seem particularly old, as the cautious evolution of British motorbikes meant that designs had chan
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Angela’s Twenty-one
Angela Cotton likes Triumphs. You may recall our article on her Tigress 250 scooter, and another on her Tiger Cubs (TCM, November 2019). Six years ago at Netley Marsh autojumble she upped her game, purchasing a 1961 3TA 350cc twin. “I’d always fancie
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Banked Track Heroes Presents: McDuffee Vs Taylor Paced By Steam
Moving into the 1890s, the sport of cycle racing on velodromes had become a huge attraction for the general public. Crowds would easily reach 5000 plus, filling the stalls of the banked stadiums throughout countries such as America, England, France a
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H&H Sale
One of the highlights of H&H’s sale at the National Motorcycle Museum on April 28, is the rather fabulous Indian Four depicted, dating to 1937. The red rarity was sold new in the UK and has been in its current ownership since 1967, having been restor
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A Brief Chat With... GORDON JACKSON
From a visit to a scramble at Brands Hatch circuit, a few miles from the Jackson family farm in Kent, to starring in probably the most famous picture in trials, it hardly seems as though Gordon Leonard Jackson put a foot wrong before retiring from mo
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Triumph pre-unit Thunderbird
Combining many years working in the motorcycle trade with a keen interest in classic machines, Ian Mosscrop branched out on his own to launch Thunderbird Spares in 2007. Not just Thunderbirds, but his activities include supplying parts for all classi
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Balancing Acts
Even in his wildest dreams, as Edinburgh MCC secretary Campbell McGregor received entries for the first ‘Scottish’ in 1909, he couldn't have imagined the event would gain such worldwide acclaim. Punctuated by two world wars, Foot and Mouth Disease an
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Book Review
Author: Ian Foster Forewords: Tommy Robb and Sammy Miller MBE Honorary foreword: Billy Nutt MBE Publisher: Classic Auto-cycle Museum Ltd (CAM) Email: Tel: 028777 62405 (UK) or +852-91304536 (Hong Kong) Book’s Facebook page:
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British Twins On Test
Which motorcycle configuration most defines a country? America - V -twin, Japan -four cylinder, Germany - flat-twin and so on. Britain? Well some might argue it's the big single... But that's to discount the fine, arguably finer, history of twin cyli
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Ignition Coils
Ignition coils for classic motorcycles, cars, etc, comprise a laminated iron core concentrically wound with approximately 300 turns of thicker copper wire – the primary winding – and approximately 25,000 turns of thin copper wire, the secondary windi
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In Defence Of ET Systems
In the December 2020 issue, Tim Britton asked to hear from people who have had good experiences with Energy Transfer (ET) ignition systems. I’m such a person, quite pleased with the ET systems on two of my bikes that I’ve ridden for decades (20 and 5
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Period Piece BSA Al0 And Child/adult Chair
James Robinson Tel 01507 529405 Fax 01507 371066 email Tim Britton, Rachael Clegg, Jonathan Hill, Roy Poynting, Richard Rosenthal, Martin Squires, Jerry Thurston, Alan Turner, Andy Westlake. Alan Cathcart, Colin Rogers. Sarah
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This Month’s Star Letter Wins
The writer of this month’s Star Letter wins a Duchinni Classic Leather Waistcoat worth £42.99. Made from natural milled leather, with a textile lining and vintage style stud popper closure, the Duchinni Leather Waistcoat is a timeless classic. Find o
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A Toast To Success
As a 13-year-old watching the film ‘Easy Rider,’ little could Jim Thompson have imagined that five decades later, he would be following the same wheel-tracks of ‘Captain America’ across the USA, or that during that trip he would become the owner of t
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Surrey’s Supreme Speedbowl
The Brooklands race facility, in Surrey, was Britain’s first purpose-built motorsport complex, opening in 1907. It was instigated by pioneer sporting automotive enthusiast Hugh Fortescue Locke King, greatly assisted by his wife Ethel, the determined
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Finer Details BMW R75/5
Air-cooled OHV horizontally opposed twin cylinder four-stroke 745cc 82mm 70.6mm 57BHP@6800rpm Twin 32mm Bing Five-speed foot change (original four-speed) 12-volt Bosch 200 watt Electric Front BMW telescopics, rear Twin shock Shaft Front eight inch tw
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Chris Vincent (1935-2021)
In the lead up to the 1962 Sidecar TT, it was a case of which of the BMW crews would run out victorious, and while the two-tone green outfit piloted by Chris Vincent was acknowledged to be fast and its driver skilful, the pushrod parallel twin BSA A7
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Fishing For Tiddlers
It’s funny how this hobby gets hold of you. Take my pal Nigel. Six months ago he had a passing interest in all things two-wheeled; now, he has four motorcycles in his workshop. Nigel, like me, remembers when mopeds actually looked like proper motorcy
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Wireless Technology
Reported The Motor Cycle of June 27, 1912: “Some experiments have been made by Mr G F Campion, of the Campion Cycle Co, Ltd, Nottingham, in sending messages by wireless telegraphy from a motor cycle in motion, with very successful results.” Campion –
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Bullnose Bulldog
Like many early British motorcycle marques, Sunbeam’s antecedents date back to its origins as a bicycle manufacturer – though that in fact only came about because cycling was the company owner’s hobby! Twice Mayor of Wolverhampton, John Marston was a
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Comrade Daredevil Part II
‘NEW sport for motorcyclists’ splashed the Daily Mirror on Monday, June 13, 1928. The headline was referring to the then-novel dirt track racing, which was starting to grip the nation. Dirt tracks were popping up across the country and along with the
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Editor’s Welcome
When I was a boy and obsessed with Formula 1 car racing, the voice of Murray Walker was, basically, the voice of Formula 1. Though I ‘knew’ Murray, like all of us viewers did, as the over-excited man who talked faster than the cars were going, I lear
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You Were Asking
I thought you might be interested to see these photographs and hear the story behind them. They are of my father, Irwin Opie (1894-1972). He was a chemist by profession who, with his brother, owned several shops in the south west of Cornwall. A keen
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Store Cupboard Special
Appearances can be deceptive, and that’s a little bit the case here – insomuch as despite it looking pretty much finished, the project Velocette isn’t really quite as far on as it would seem, although completion gets ever nearer. That’s because, well
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News & Events
Of the recent obituaries in the national press of Murray Walker, who has passed away aged 97, many make scant reference to his motorcycling career, while one called it ‘underwhelming.’ Well, to most people, winning a Gold Medal in an ISDT, and a firs
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The Way We Were In May
The Motor Cycle confirmed its earlier announcement it would again be presenting a trophy to be won outright for the fastest Lightweight (under 250cc) motorcycle in the year’s IoM Tourist Trophy Races. The 1920 race proved there was much interest in t
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Readers’ Letters
I would like to congratulate Andy Withers on the excellent article relating to the Ariel two-stroke trials machines (March 2021). It’s great to see someone taking an interest in the Ariel Arrow and Leader in general, even more so putting into print t
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News In Brief
The Bristol Classic Bike Show, traditionally held in February, but which had been moved to July 25/26, 2021, has now had to be cancelled, due to NHS England extending its contract to use the venue (Royal Bath and West Showground) as a vaccination cen
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