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From Seed To Cup
In 2000, Emilio Lopez Diaz had a decision to make. A recent graduate of an engineering management degree at the University of Portland, Emilio could follow his original plan to open a microbrewery in his home country of El Salvador, or, he could join
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The Complete Package
Kirby and Sarah Koopman are living their dream. Up at the crack of dawn, each day you’ll find the owners and founders of Ransom Specialty Coffee Roasters in their Cairns-based factory roasting, packaging, and preparing coffee for distribution to café
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Christine’s Curious Mind
Christine Manfield believes there are some things that should be enjoyed in their most natural form, and coffee is one of them. Mention of latte alternatives such as matcha, chai, broccoli, turmeric or cauliflower spark strong resistance from Christi
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Reign of ¡Tierra!
When Marco Lavazza, Vice Chairman of the Lavazza Group, touched down in Melbourne in January for the 2019 Australian Open, it was not just to celebrate Lavazza’s third year of partnering with the tennis grand slam. The roaster had decided that the co
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A Society Of Coffee
At less than a century old, Zambia’s coffee producing industry is one of the youngest in the world. With its first coffee trees planted in the 1940s, local farmers are happy to share with visitors the folklore of how coffee was introduced to the coun
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Crossing The Bench
John Ryan Ting is one of few baristas with experience on both sides of the competition table. Before becoming a certified World Barista Championship (WBC) judge – including at the 2013 WBC in Melbourne – he had two Singapore Barista Champion titles t
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Nomad’s Land
Veneziano Coffee Roasters is a well-known brand within the Australian coffee industry, with multiple Australian Coffee Championship titles to its name. It has a presence in every state, including roasteries in Melbourne and Brisbane, and training stu
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MICE2020: Party Time
Ten years ago, hoards of footy fanatics would line up at the crack of dawn, some camped overnight, in order to gain first pick of AFL finals tickets as the clock struck 9am in a first come, first served basis. Some may recall gathering at university
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Coffee In Crisis
Where will the coffee industry be in 50 years? A hopeful barista might tell you that coffee will resemble wine, with their role like that of a sommelier, recommending premium coffees from a select reserve list. Another could warn you of the perils of
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Café Scene
305 Wirraway Road, Essendon Fields, Victoria, 3041 Open Monday to Saturday 7am to 3pm (03) 9027 9201 The Melbourne suburb of Essendon is known for its proud football club, Melbourne’s first international airport, and one of the most talked about sup
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The World’s Best
After winning the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship (WCiGS) in Brazil 2018, Dan Fellows was already developing his WCiGS routine for 2019 in Berlin, Germany. “After winning in 2018, I already knew what I wanted to present in the 2019 routine.
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The Original Origin
It took a while to connect with Bruck Fikru, General Manager of our sister company, Volcafe, in Ethiopia. Political turmoil in the country led to restrictions being placed on people’s internet and social media access. Bruck says this difficulty with
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A Window To Coffee Making
Australian manufacturer Aremde has created an open theatre experience in which the barista can perform for the customer, and nothing separates the coffee maker from the coffee buyer. Netherlands-based designer Rempt Van der Donk says Nexus One’s see-
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Coffee Group Heads
To pull the best shots possible, baristas need to learn everything they can about coffee extraction. From grind adjustment to water temperature, these factors can all influence the flavour of coffee in the cup. However, while trying to grasp these co
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Passion To Professional
For Jetblack Espresso Owners Charlie and Debbie Monteleone, there’s no greater reward than watching their customers have that “lightbulb moment” when they can produce a three-tulip latte as good as the café down the road. “It still gives me a kick to
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Fantastic Mr Fox
One of my favourite books as a child was Fantastic Mr Fox. Many people are familiar with Wes Anderson’s animated film, but it actually began as a novel by Roald Dahl. The book tells the story of an intelligent fox that steals food from a wealthy farm
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Through The Looking Glass
Clark St Coffee Roasters operates an espresso bar on Crown Street in Richmond, Victoria that’s more coffee lab than café. The fit out, designed by architect Dion Hall, makes good use of galvanised steel, taking inspiration from the materials used in
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Some Like It Strong
During my barista hustling days, customers often told me they liked their coffee strong. I had no problem adjusting to customers’ needs, but found many people had different ideas of what “strong” meant. Some of the things strength commonly referred t
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Streamlining Service
It’s been said that knowledge is power, and in the world of point of sale (POS) software, a new iOS application from ClickPOS offers just that. The ClickPOS app acts as a gateway to connect a café’s stored information to a centralised database, where
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Cause And Effect
On a chilly winter morning, hot cup of coffee in hand, I’m once again thinking about the many ways temperature has influenced the liquid I’m drinking. In the June edition of BeanScene, we investigated how changes in grind temperature affect the visco
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BeanScene Covershoot
There may be no snow in Melbourne during these cooler months, but the mountain-inspired chalet that is The Hungry Fox Café in Essendon, Victoria, is the ideal winter escape. The café opened in 2018 as an extension to the nearby LaManna Supermarket in
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Milk Made Easy
When designing a café, workflow should be as big a consideration as the aesthetics. This is why both factors were taken into consideration when German manufacturer Übermilk was developing its signature milk foaming system. Übermilk automates the milk
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Leading Legacies
Last year saw the passing of two stalwarts of the Australian subtropical coffee industry: Joan Dibden and John Zentveld. Each, in their own way, contributed to the establishment, development, and expansion of the coffee-growing industry in the Northe
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Dr Monika Fekete is a chemical scientist with a passion for coffee. She is the Founder of Coffee Science Lab, Australia’s first independent scientific coffee consultancy. She has collaborated with innovative coffee companies, roasters, and competitio
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Slayer’s Latest Hit
Like many musicians who release an extended play to test the waters before they drop a full-length album, Slayer Espresso has launched the Steam LP, the follow-up to its successful EP espresso machine. Ross Quail, Asia-Pacific Branch Manager of Slaye
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Smells Like Community Spirit
Recently, the Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) Board was approached by a regional community looking to up-skill their baristas to a level where they could compete on the national stage. We jumped at the opportunity. ASCA was founded wit
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Is The Romance Dead?
Somewhere along the line, coffee became a romantic product desired by consumers to transport us to a magical place. It’s presented as the “drink of choice” for a catch-up with friends, the DNA to Australia’s cultural fabric, and the subject of commer
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Scaling Up
Much like baking, brewing requires detailed measurements to achieve accurate results, including precise water temperature and volume, and the particular coarseness of the ground coffee. To help measure such variables, scales are a barista’s best frie
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Hoony Hits New Heights
Often, the journey is as important as the destination. Especially when it takes 26 hours and four flights to get from New Zealand to Berlin for the World Coffee Championships. I talked to Hoony Chae about his experience representing NZ at the World L
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Takumi Sakamoto Of Deluca Coffee Wins 2019 Australian Coffee Roasting Championship
Takumi Sakamoto of Deluca Coffee has won the Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) 2019 AMC Australian Coffee Roasting Championship, held at Criteria Coffee in Port Melbourne, Victoria in late May. Pat Connolly of Genovese Coffee placed seco
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