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Coffee Prices Reach Lowest Point In More Than A Decade
In April 2019, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) composite indicator fell by 3.2 per cent to 94.42 US cents per pound, the lowest monthly average since July 2006 when the price reached 88.57 US cents per pound. The daily price fell to 91.79
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Pete Calls Australia Home
Melbourne will always be held in the highest esteem for coffee competition veteran Pete Licata. It’s the city where he won the 2013 World Barista Championship (WBC), the city that made him a household name, and the city he now calls home. Six years o
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On Scene
Sleek and contemporary, the Appartamento is a heat exchange unit with espresso brew temperature maintained by a commercial E61 group head. A small footprint and straight side panels featuring a circular design make this an attractive and practical un
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Project Origin Gives Back
Sasa Sestic, Founder of green bean trader Project Origin, has been working closely on a farm called El Árbol in, Dipilto, Nicaragua with co-owners Tim Willems and Claudia Lovo for more than three years to improve its coffee and the livelihood of the
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Jody’s Shift
In her short time as General Manager of Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters, Jody Leslie has already seen how the Australian coffee scene differs to the rest of the world. “Compared to the United States for instance, Australia has a larger focus on special
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The World Returns
Melbourne’s coffee culture resinates deep within its laneways, where baristas can be seen serving coffee from an old shopfront, pop-up caravan, or a hole-in-the-wall covered in graffiti with milk crates out the front. It’s these unique characteristic
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Scott Sets The Bar
Ten years ago, 12 coffees a day was a regular scenario for Scott Pickett. That was until a Chinese doctor took one look at his eyes and knew instantly his caffeine intake was through the roof. “I’d never really thought about it, but I drank a lot of
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Boston Strong
Boston may be the most populous city of the Massachusetts state, but on the week of 9 April it could be argued it also hosted the most international guests. One only had to look at Airbnb and hotel booking websites to learn the city was brimming with
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Kings Of The Roast
Over three days in March, a panel of coffee experts congregated in a mass blind tasting to award the smoothest, most flavoursome, and most refined local and international coffees in the industry’s revered annual roasting competition. New South Wales
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Magic Moments
In theory, turning hot coffee into cold in less than 60 seconds sounds like a magic trick straight out of a Harry Potter movie, but one company has made it a reality. Elemental Beverage Company has created the Snapchiller, a machine that combines the
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A Good Cup For All
When Gloria Jean’s first arrived in Australia in the mid-90s, it brought with it robust coffees and darker roasts, and the goal of making good coffee accessible to all Australians. After more than 20 years of operation, Gloria Jean’s has seen Austral
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Café Scene
10 Bunda Street, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, 2601 Monday to Thursday 7am to 11pm, Friday 7:30am to 12am, Saturday 8am to 1am, Sunday 8am to 10:30pm (02) 6174 3397 Alter Ego is a venue with two personalities: one is a relaxed café servin
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Bon Appétit
Out-of-home breakfast consumption is growing year on year in Australia, with NPD Crest placing the market’s worth at $7.4 billion in 2018. This has led many cafés to develop diverse breakfast menus, with items ranging from the notorious smashed avo t
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All In A Day’s Work
John Russell Storey is the Marketing Manager of Trade at Cofi-Com. Cofi-Com’s Operations and Trading Manager Dariusz Lewandowski and I are between origin trips at the moment. We’re giving our passports a rest and wistfully reminiscing about the last
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The Ones That Sparkle
Getting your hands on a Cup of Excellence (COE)-winning coffee takes patience and commitment. The real fun for Australian buyers starts in the early hours of the morning when international online auctions commence, but the game’s not over until a fin
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Flavour Fights Futures
Darren Stinson is the NSW Manager of Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters. It’s important to constantly re-evaluate your vision, to sit at the drawing board again and again until your direction aligns to benefit the entire supply chain. It’s something we
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No Time To Waste
Thousands of Australians order coffee to go from their favourite cafés every day, leaving with their precious beverage safely contained in a roughly eight-ounce paper cup. For many of them, once the coffee is gone, the cup is no longer of any use and
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Make It So They Will Come
Kyle Rutten is the National Training Manager of Suntory Coffee Australia. The modern café market is a very dynamic one. While there are many simple yet successful cafés operating today, it’s not as easy as it once was to get people through the door.
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BeanScene Covershoot
For the June edition of BeanScene, it was straight to one of Campos Coffee’s flagship Sydney venues to celebrate the company’s contribution to the Cup of Excellence (COE) program and the many coffees that ‘sparkle on the table’ (see page 36). For the
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Time For Change
The price of coffee is volatile, and can fluctuate wildly year to year. Unpredictable weather conditions and susceptibility to disease also present significant challenges to growers. As a result, independent nonprofit organisation Fairtrade says many
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Fairy Rabbit
Jibbi Little of Jibbijug is the 2019 ASCA Pauls Professional Australian Latte Art Champion. By the time many of you read this, I will have competed in the World Latte Art Championship. For now, however, I am dedicating all my time to training. With
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Family Ties
Boston holds a special place in my heart. As cold as it was on arrival for the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Expo in April, the warmth was felt in the city’s people, landmarks, coffee shops, and classic New England clam chowder. One of the thing
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BioPak Gives Back
BioPak is working with cafés and restaurants to spread awareness of its simple composting solution and encourage a behavioural change around packaging and waste. In December 2017, the foodservice packaging company began studying waste, where it was g
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Changing Times
People have always looked for ways to make their life simpler, and technology is constantly evolving to fulfil these needs. Cars and airplanes get us where we need to go, while phones and social media connect us to friends and family overseas. Coffee
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Danny Wilson Of Ona Coffee Wins Asca 2019 Monin Australian Cigs Championship
Danny Wilson has won the 2019 Australian Coffee in Good Spirits (CIGS) Championship, his second Australian CIGS title in a row, at Manly Spirits Co Distillery in New South Wales on 2 May. Tristan Clark of Soul Origin placed second and William O’Neill
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Swap And Go
For coffee cup manufacturer Huskee, sustainability is a principle that extends beyond single-use plastic waste to how a café can prosper long term. “We believe sustainability is multidimensional. It’s more than just a product. It needs to be addresse
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Bigger And Better
Emma McDougall is the Communications and Administration Co-ordinator of the NZSCA. It felt like only five minutes ago the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association hosted the Meadow Fresh NZ Barista Championship, and it was already time to start the
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Dr Monika Fekete is a chemical scientist with a passion for coffee. She is the Founder of Coffee Science Lab, Australia’s first independent scientific coffee consultancy. She has collaborated with innovative coffee companies, roasters, and competitio
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Make Room For Recycling
Organic Recycling Group’s (ORG) philosophy is centred on three concepts: flexibility, sustainability, and reliability. These pillars are the foundation the company is promoting in the war against waste. To help achieve this goal, ORG provides cafés w
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Putting The Heat On
Dr Monika Fekete is the Founder of Coffee Science Lab. Dialing in a delicious espresso shot is great way to start your day, be it at work or at home. As the day goes on, you might find that shots speed up and you need to adjust your grinder a bit fi
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