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MY WORDS My Viewpoint TRAILza TRAILmag It has taken me days to comprehend the enormity of my experience. Not just finishing 50km, but the 10 hours before I crossed the finish line. Leading up to Umgeni River Run, I was anxious. I beca
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Fungi: Food Or Fear?
How do you connect with Nature? Tell us at Every step you take is on an underground network of millions of fine threads weaving through the soil. Most of them are only a single cell thick. These threads are hyphae and make
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Use It Or Lose It
We run because nothing comes close to the scenery, the pain, the gain, that out-of-this-world feeling when you look back at what you’ve achieved. You want to use as many muscles as possible to achieve the best, injury-free, record-beating, effective,
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Stiff-legged Jol!
The Oxpecker Trail Run is about so much more than the run. You will have a jol on and off the trail, your legs will be stiff, and you will join the 8,250 Peckers since 2015 who know why all three weekends sell out every year. This event, now in its f
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Pine Busters
I'm part of a crew that goes into the Drakensberg and cuts down pine trees. They are an alien invasive and a huge threat to the Berg's water-generating abilities for the rest of South Africa. Although it is very difficult for a lone seed to find its
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Back in Action
Normally we can get over back pain with some stretching, a good night’s sleep, and possibly some pain medication. What about that back pain that continues to occur, or that is affecting your trail running? It is one thing to sort it out in the short
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Annelize Bell (in pink) leads her daughter Eljané van der Walt (hood) and Hanli Pienaar Bovill through the misty indigenous forest at the Wolkberg Trail Run 36km Woodbush event. “The first day was misty, cold and rainy, which made for an exciting exp
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Community Stu
My dad and uncles were all road runners who spent time “running on the mountain”, as it was then termed. They all ran for VOB club. As a family, we grew up around events, from Two Oceans, to Voet of Afrika weekends in Arniston. I still recall all the
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Get nimble, flexible, and strong with dance. Gym instructor and personal trainer NATASHA WALLENDORF breaks it down. I have been personal training and teaching group fitness classes for the last 28 years. Movement is a passion to me and I see the bene
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International Events
FRANCE, 30 June The second event of the Golden Trail World Series, dubbed The Roller Coaster, is 42km long with 2,780m of vertical ascent. Of the seven Saffas to finish the marathon, Meg Mackenzie was the quickest (4h48min, sixth woman), followed by
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What adventures have you embarked on lately? Two UCT students squeezed the most out of their twoweek June holiday. Matt, a final-year medical student, and Kevin, a postgraduate in medical anthropology, combined their love of
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Blisters, Be Gone!
A blister is a fluid-filled elevation of the epidermis. Blisters happen to runners for a number of reasons, and you can trouble-shoot your own blister issues once you understand them. The two most common causes of foot blisters while running are fric
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Nuts about Seeds
Share your food ideas: Nuts are a complex food. They’re made up of many compounds: amino acids, phytochemicals, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and fats. Monounsaturated fats to be exact. Fats scare some people, but there are good fats
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Longmore Eastern Cape
Access 7am Dogs No Fee R50 / Trails Various / Best route 20km / Ascent 570m / Difficulty Easy / Time 4h Plantations offer me the opportunity to train for extended periods, on varied surfaces, in mountainous areas. It would be unwise to just go for a
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Atlas Time
Iglanced up in the general direction of the highest peak in North Africa: Jebel Toubkal. According to the weather forecast, there was a very small window within which my hubby Nico and guide Hassan could make it to the summit before the next snowstor
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Trail Mix Granola Bars
These taste exactly like trail mix, in the form of a bar. They’re made from a few basic ingredients and are baked, making them portable so they’ll survive a day in your pocket or pack. There are two versions, one with nuts and one with seeds. You can
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Karkloof KZN
Access 6am – 6pm Dogs On leash Fee R50 / Trails 8 / Best route 19km / Ascent 760m / Difficulty Challenging / Time 120min Karkloof is my favourite trail venue in KZN. There are eight marked routes, and one of the most exciting is the 14km Falls Trail.
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Time To Shine
Oktoberfest. 5km, 10km. Randpark Golf Club. Scenic and non-technical run or walkwith water crossings and dirt. R100. Start 7pm. Eastern Nights Trail Run Series #5. 5km, 10km. ERPM Boksburg Golf Club. Run jeep track, singletrack, and
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Nut Or Seed Butter
Nut butters (besides peanut butter) are costly, oily, and have additives when bought. And yet it's simple, if a little labour intensive, to make your own! If you're allergic to nuts or want to mix it up, you can make seed butters too. Pumpkin seeds m
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Magoebaskloof Limpopo
Access All day, all year Dogs Not allowed Fee Free / Trails 22 / Best route 13km / Ascent 430m / Difficulty Easy / Time 105min When looking for off-tar mileage in a safe and attractive environment Magoebaskloof is ideal – at the very top of SA’s Grea
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Not Skirt Around
In the North West of England are two eminent and frequently tourist-trod areas: the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. To get there, most visitors drive up from Manchester and skirt left, or right, around the Forest of Bowland. They may almost be
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Trying to Breathe
Exercised-induced asthma (EIA) is a narrowing of the airways in the lungs, triggered by strenuous exercise. Trail running is strenuous… so how do runners with this condition cope? Three runners share their stories of managing this condition on the tr
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Queen Rose Mpumalanga
Access All day, all year Dogs Yes Fee R90 / Trails 2 / Best route 21km / Ascent 670m / Difficulty Intermediate / Time 4h A scenic one hour drive from Nelspruit takes you to Queen Rose hiking trail, situated in the Barberton plantations and Queens Riv
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Witfontein Western Cape
Access All day, all year Dogs Yes Fee Free / Trails Various / Best route 11km / Ascent 170m / Difficulty Easy / Time 70min My chosen route is fondly known as the Sampies Loop, since the highest point of the route is called Sampies. The first Outeniqu
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What is inspiring your days? I attended the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival held at the Barnyard Theatre in the north of Johannesburg. This film festival features a mix of mountains sports, with two trail running m
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R349 | The Corefit Tee is the ultimate running tee. Moisture-wicking Quik-Wic fabric draws sweat away from the skin and accelerates evaporation to provide comfort, while reflective trims will increase your visibility both on the tra
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Trail Runner Nation
You know you are obsessed about trail running when you listen to every podcast you can on the subject. This is especially true in my case, as I live for podcasts, listening to them in the car, whilst working, or doing chores. I cannot count how many
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Get Up To Speed
At times, it’s fitting that we pay homage to the giants who went before us. And so, in 1996, while backpacking around England and Scotland on honeymoon, I dragged my nonrunning spouse to Oxford… So that I could visit the Iffley track! This is where R
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The Trail Runner’s Companion
A Step By Step Guide To Trail Running And Racing, From 5Ks To Ultras Sarah Lavender Smith R212 (Kindle) Are you new to trail running or deciding whether to make the leap into ultras, but aren’t sure how to make the transition? Then do yourself a favo
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