POPSUGAR2 min readFashion & Beauty
Camila Cabello's Romantic Reformation Dress Is Perfect For Channeling the '90s
Camila Cabello and her boyfriend Shawn Mendes enjoyed the day in West Hollywood - holding hands, stopping for coffee, and looking adorable per usual. Camila wore the Reformation Lacey dress for the occasion, which retails for $248, comes with a darin
POPSUGAR5 min read
How to Recreate 2 Iconic Lady Gaga Beauty Looks - Straight From Her Makeup Artist
Lady Gaga thinks you should know: you don't have to recreate her beauty looks. The intention behind Haus Laboratories, in fact, is for you to "use these products as tools for self-expression," said Sarah Tanno, the star's longtime makeup artist. "The
POPSUGAR2 min readFashion & Beauty
5 Fun and Versatile Pieces You'll Wear on Repeat For Fall - All $60 or Less
Versatile dresses, sweaters, boots, and coats always top our Fall shopping lists off the bat, but what we don't always immediately consider are the colors and prints sure to make an impact. Whether you're eager to try the latest Fall trends or like t
POPSUGAR1 min readFashion & Beauty
Rihanna Styled Styled a Hot Pink Dress Over Orange Pants and, Yes, She Looked Amazing
Rihanna just showed me how to get away with wearing my favorite Summer dress in the Fall. After releasing her new Savage x Fenty collection, Rihanna has been making the rounds in South Korea to promote her Fenty Beauty line. She started off in a camo
POPSUGAR1 min readFashion & Beauty
24 Outfits That Will Change the Way You Dress For Fall
I get it - you feel like Summer just started! How can we already be outfit planning for Fall? But sometimes all it takes is some really great inspiration to put you in the mood. I, for one, enjoy the challenge of transitioning some of my breezy Summe
POPSUGAR3 min readFashion & Beauty
We Prefer to Watch Serena Williams Own the Tennis Court, but Here She Is Serving 29 Beauty Looks
Serena Williams's beauty transformation over the years has been almost as impressive to watch as her dominance on the tennis courts. Although she's always been full of style and personality (both on and off the court), her style has evolved as popula
POPSUGAR2 min read
Can We All Please Stop Sending Our Sick Kids to School?
Dear Parents Who Send Their Sick Kids to School, I'm going to get right to it - please, please stop. And before you say that I don't understand what it's like, know that I absolutely do. I have two young kids who constantly bring germs home with them
POPSUGAR3 min readSociety
Dirty John: The Shocking True Story of Divorce and Murder Behind Season 2
After a dark debut season on Bravo, Dirty John makes its return on USA Network, this time adapting the true story of Dan and Betty Broderick's acrimonious marriage that ended in a double homicide. The upcoming installation of the anthology series sta
POPSUGAR2 min read
If Prince William Is 6'3", Just How Tall Is Kate Middleton?
The public is endlessly fascinated by Kate Middleton, devouring information about her style, her parenting skills, her philanthropic endeavors, and even her hair. It should be no surprise, then, that Kate's height is also a frequently searched topic.
POPSUGAR1 min readFood & Wine
Impossible Burgers Are Officially Available in Stores, So Who's Up For Vegan Cheeseburgers?
It's time to get excited, plant-based-food-lovers, because the Impossible Burger is hitting shelves in stores nationwide, and healthy vegan meal prep just got a little easier. Primarily made of water, soy-protein concentrate, coconut oil, and sunflow
POPSUGAR7 min read
31 Ways Real People Make Extra Income
Earning income doesn't have to stop at your salary. There's no better way to learn how to make more money than from people who have actually done it - so read these true-life examples cited by Reddit users. Related: Save Your Dollars With These Clean
POPSUGAR2 min readFashion & Beauty
Gigi Hadid, Certified Optical Illusionist, Walked the Runway Sans Heels on Her Tippy Toes
Gigi Hadid seemingly debuted a new trend on the Marc Jacobs Spring 2020 runway: completely invisible heels - and no, I'm not talking about lucite pumps. The model graced the New York Fashion Week catwalk totally barefoot, strutting on her tippy toes
POPSUGAR1 min read
Celine Dion Just Released 3 New Songs From Her 27th Studio Album, "Courage"
Celine Dion just released three new songs! We repeat, Celine Dion just dropped brand new music, and it's available to stream, purchase, and learn every single word to right now. On Tuesday, Dion took to Instagram to post three photos announcing that
POPSUGAR2 min read
Wondering What a 12-Carat Diamond Looks Like? Check Out Jada Pinkett Smith's Finger
It's hard to outshine Jada Pinkett Smith, but that giant rock she wears on her ring finger might just come close. Will Smith seriously set the bar high back in November 1997 when he dropped a quarter-million dollars to get a diamond deserving of the
POPSUGAR2 min readFashion & Beauty
8 Pairs of Cute and Comfy Jeans We Love for Fall - All Under $40
A good pair of jeans that fits like a glove is one thing, but a pair that's flattering and affordable to the tune of under $40 is even better, right?! Enter: all the new denim offerings from the POPSUGAR collection at Kohl's. Not only are the new Sep
POPSUGAR5 min read
Ranking The Outlander Books, From Voyager To Echo In The Bone
When reading a story as epic as that of Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser (Caitriona Balfe), there are bound to be ups and downs. In Diana Gabaldon's eight-book (and growing) saga of romance spanning centuries, there is a general consensus among fans t
POPSUGAR3 min read
Yes, I'm Sitting Next to My Ex at Our Kid's Game - Here's Why
After a great soccer game, the mom of one of my son's teammates approached me in the parking lot: "I was just telling your husband what an amazing goal your son had this morning." Actually, he is my ex-husband, I thought, half-annoyed by the idea tha
POPSUGAR1 min read
Drake Is Top Boy’s Number One Fan - but Does He Have a Cameo in the Show, Too?
Top Boy has been making waves this week after Netflix dropped the long-awaited third installment of the British drama. Fans of the original series, which ran for two short seasons on Channel 4 in the UK, were excited to head back to East London to ch
POPSUGAR2 min read
Gabi Gregg Says Her New Lingerie Collection Will Make You Feel "Good as Hell"
Fashion influencer, designer, and curve model Gabi Gregg continues to serve up bold lingerie as part of her collaboration with Playful Promises in sizes 12 to 24 and bra sizes 36 to 38 B-I and 40 to 44 C-I. When I talked to her about her new launch,
POPSUGAR3 min read
A Gymnastics Judge Says "I Don't Think Anybody Can Touch Simone Biles" and Her High Scores
At the 2018 World Gymnastics Championships, Simone Biles fell twice in competition and still ended up winning by over a point and a half. In the first round of the 2019 US Gymnastics Championships this past August, she put her hands down on floor, wh
POPSUGAR4 min readFood & Wine
I Lost 20 Pounds in 3 Months by Combining These Popular At-Home Programs
I'm not sure how it happened. OK, maybe I do know. After a year of eating (and drinking) more calories than I should, my usually slight frame was only 10 pounds lighter than it had been when I was nine months pregnant with my now 3-year-old son. To b
POPSUGAR5 min read
After Losing 70 Pounds, Jess Plateaued For 2 Years, Found Bodybuilding, and Lost 75 More
"I struggled with my weight for 19 years of my life," 25-year old Jessica Messina (@jessmakesgains on Instagram) told POPSUGAR. She said she had always been overweight, since she was about 5 years old, until she was 24. "I tried to lose weight so man
POPSUGAR2 min read
Jane Lynch and Cyndi Lauper Are Creating a “Golden Girls For Today” With Netflix
The Golden Girls might be coming back to our TV screens soon - this time with a distinct 2019 edge. Over the weekend, at the Creative Arts Emmys, Jane Lynch teased that she and Cyndi Lauper have teamed up to star in a TV comedy show that will be like
POPSUGAR3 min read
The Wild True Story Behind Hustlers Will Actually Blow Your Mind
In addition to featuring a stellar cast of women (hello, Cardi B and Lizzo!) and seasoned director Lorene Scafaria at its helm, the upcoming Jennifer Lopez-produced Hustlers is also based on a true story. In late 2015, The Cut journalist Jessica Pres
POPSUGAR2 min read
The '00s Called to Let You Know That French Nails Are Back in Style
Bon Qui Qui had her nail art, but suburban housewives? They had the french manicure. Back in the early aughts, everyone who was anyone walked around with white-tipped nails - acrylics optional, but not required - until all of a sudden . . . they didn
POPSUGAR7 min read
Don't Miss Out! 100 of Our Favorite Decor Picks From Anthropologie's Fall Collection
Nothing is more exciting than an excuse to refresh your home's furniture and decor, and Anthropologie's Fall collection gives us every reason to whip out our credit cards. The season may be short, but Fall has a comfortable aesthetic that works with
POPSUGAR5 min read
Discouraged From Trying to Lose Bely Fat and Failing? Find Success With These Expert Tips
Losing belly fat can feel like such a struggle for many women (thank you, genetics, hormones, and happy hour), but even more difficult is preventing the belly fat from coming back once you've lost it. We asked registered dietitians and certified trai
POPSUGAR2 min read
Hi Fashion, This Is Your New Boss, Rihanna - the One in a Ballgown and Nike Sneakers
Rihanna surprised us with her outfit choice at her own Diamond Ball following New York Fashion Week at Cipriani Wall Street. The singer arrived in a Givenchy Haute Couture ballgown with a contrasting white caged skirt. While her guests like Normani w
POPSUGAR2 min read
Running Fast Can Help You Lose Weight - Here's the Right Way to Do It, an Expert Says
Running can help you lose weight, but slow jogs aren't the best way to do it. Running fast is more effective for a few reasons, but there's also a right (and wrong) way to incorporate speed for optimal results, said exercise physiologist and Bowflex
POPSUGAR4 min readPsychology
How Traveling to Peru Helped Me Connect to My Latina Roots
As a light-skinned Latina, I used to feel the need to defend my heritage. While I know better than anyone that there is no single physical trait that defines Latina women, the surprise I was met with when I told my peers and strangers alike that I am
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