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No Lack Of Respect
Of all the books I read at school, the one that brought me the greatest joy was Gerald Durrell’s My Family and Other Animals. The tale of expat life on Corfu is hilarious and wildlife is at the heart of it. In one particularly amusing scene, the boys
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It’s Not Cricket: ‘Expert’ Releases Wrong Insects
A top rewilder ‘reintroduc expert’ has fo himself in hot wa after an ill-consider reintroduction project. Derek Gow, who has close connections with Defra board member Ben Goldsmith, announced on Twitter that he has bought a box of field crickets for
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Game Cookery
Everyone loves a good barbecue at this time of the year. I always keep plenty of venison in the freezer, whether it’s chops or mince for smash burgers. However, one of my favourites has to be the venison kebab. These always prove to be very popular w
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Sporting Answers
Q When my ferret had a litter for the first time, I went to check on her, but she bit me. Is this behaviour normal? A If you have never bred ferrets before, you may notice a sudden change in their demeanour. This is caused by a massive change in ho
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Coping With Deaf Dogs
A friend’s elderly cavalier spaniel has been staying with us. She’s a very easy guest except for one thing — she’s stone deaf and has been since birth. Her deafness causes obvious problems, such as not responding to verbal commands, but she will also
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On Track For Success
My Bavarian mountain hound, Jazz, and I have been tracking deer over tiring terrain for several years, so I am no longer surprised to take a late phone call asking for our assistance. However, it is rare to receive back-to-back calls that are likely
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Dog Of The Week
Zac may never win a field trial, but he’ll work all day and be eager for more at the end of it. He’s in his prime and has done his master a big favour in fathering son Root. ■
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The Spider And The Fly
Early summer in Aberdeenshire has been particularly dry this year, resulting in low, clear water and challenging angling conditions. Regardless, I have been out along the banks of my local river Don, in pursuit of wild brown trout, at every opportuni
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Look To The Skies
Seeing a brood of Canada geese slipping quietly into the river earlier today reminds me that mums, dads and young are equally flightless just now, with the adults caught up in their annual wing moult. For our distant ancestors, this was an important
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Clocking Up The Miles In Grouse Countdown
I like to think I’m a reasonably tolerant individual, but one thing that is guaranteed to make my teeth itch is referring to pigeons as ‘the grey grouse’. I’m of the view that all quarry species deserve our respect and our best efforts to ensure thei
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Native Britain
Latin name: Eriophorum angustifolium Common name: Bog cotton Other names: Cotton grass, cottonsedge, tall cottongrass, ghost grass How to spot it and where to find it: Trembling in the breeze, the wispy tufts of bog cotton do indeed look like cott
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Need To Know
Manufacturer Toyota Model Highlander Excel Engine 188bhp, 239Nm of torque Total output 244bhp Front motor 134kW, 270Nm of torque Rear motor 40kW, 121Nm of torque Top speed 111mph 0-62mph 8.3 seconds Emissions CO2 160g/km Economy combined 39.
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Stalking Diary
Stalking continues to be challenging at this time of year because of the height of the cover. The maize fields we could shoot over a couple of weeks ago are now at chest height, hiding the small deer and even the reds easily. We have some stubbles fr
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THE HIGHLANDER is a high-end SUV with the technology to match. In theory, we should expect a much larger price tag. In the greater scheme of things, though, that’s not necessarily so — the Highlander Excel costs £50,610. The Excel Premium, which incl
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All the units tested are an impressive combination of optical and rangefinding technology, with each having many things to offer. I have been impressed with them all individually; however, from a practical deerstalking perspective there are two units
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A Return To Normality?
ANYONE WANT TO BUY a nice cockapoo puppy, 10 weeks old, going cheap? I’ve recently heard of a litter of six cockapoos, sired by a fine working cocker, that were originally advertised for £3,000 each, but have now been reduced to only £1,250. OK, they
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Does Everyone Really Hate Us?
When the Editor posed the question “Does everybody hate us?” to me on the phone, I laughed. At the time, I was visiting a friend called Angus who attends the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester. His digs weren’t quite your typical student ho
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Editor Patrick Galbraith Deputy editor Ollie Harvey Commissioning editor Steve Faragher Group art director Dean Usher Art editor Rob Farmer Picture editor Max Tremlett Group production editor Di Cross Production editors Sarah Potts, Nicola Jane Swi
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Ears To The Ground
This year has been exceptional for growth in my part of the world. A cold dry spring was replaced by steady rain through May. It’s led to a thick crop of barley. In places, the growth and the rain have been too much. Overnight deluges have flattened
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Country Diary
There is something special about going out early in the morning during the summer months. While the wake-up time to catch daybreak is earlier than during the other months, the reward always seems greater. There is a sweet smell in the air brought abo
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Next Week In Shooting Times
Why we need to help preserve the glorious golden retriever. Stalking roe: success on a Galloway evening. The joy of small mixed-bag days and the impossibility of buying them. The sporting history of the black grouse: is it Britain’s tastiest gameb
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Puppy Mayhem Is Part Of The Fun
I had to write to say how much I am enjoying your hunting column. It’s wonderful to be able to read about so many different country pursuits in one magazine — and weekly to boot. It must take an awful lot of work. I particularly liked Harry Beeby’s l
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I noted the correction regarding an editorial feature (Letters, 14 July). I too have been a regular reader for more than 40 years and I would appreciate a response from Mark Avery as to why he and Chris Packham’s Wild Justice have caused so many prob
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Cheer up, Charlie
I am more than happy to enlist the help of others in my efforts to educate Charlie in the ways of field and stream. One such individual is Jason, the proprietor of Diss Angling Centre. Charlie and I popped into our local Aladdin’s cave of all things
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To Do This Week
Leave the dog at home. No dog ever died from missing a walk, but plenty have died from heat stroke. In intense hot weather, if swimming is off the cards, then resting your dog may be the best choice. All dogs should be provided with plenty of fresh w
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Call Out Those Who Ruin It For Everyone
This pandemic and all the restrictions that have followed have, I think, given people a better understanding of the countryside and a new-found respect for the wildlife that lives around them. But for every person who embraces the benefits of being o
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The Finer Things
Partagas Lusitanias From £32.99 The Partagas Lusitanias is a behemoth of a cigar, with a ring gauge of 49 and a length of 75/8in. Give yourself the time to really enjoy it. I’d say at least an hour and a half. Partagas is synonymous w
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Toyota Highlander Excel £50,610
Iwasn’t sure what to expect as I waited for the latest addition to the Toyota family. The Highlander is new to the UK, though it’s been in Japan under the guise of the Kluger since 2000. The Highlander is Toyota’s largest SUV. It has seven seats and
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Pigeon Diary
With a late harvest looming, I decided to go salmon fishing on the Spey. When I got back, I received a call from Swifty gloating about the numbers he’d managed in my absence. Despite this, I have managed to get a few outings under my belt. On my trav
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Thoughts From The Field
The gnarled veteran oaks that jut from Suffolk hedges or stand in outlandish mid-field isolation are invariably not there through mere luck or happenstance. These were boundary trees, planted to mark the division between parishes or, more often, the
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