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Close to 4 million people in England alone live with a diagnosis of diabetes, and 90 per cent of those cases are type 2. What’s more, it’s estimated another million are living with the condition but don’t yet know it. At Top Santé, we don’t believe a
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Protecting Your Peepers
Inflammation and high blood sugar can also affect your eyes. ‘High blood sugar levels cause the small retinal blood vessels in the eye to become leaky, which leads to reduced perfusion of the retina,’ says leading oculoplastic and ophthalmic surgeon,
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New to the chocolate scene is NOMOSU (£8 for two 85g bars,, a range of sugar-free bars that taste as amazing as they look! Choose from eight flavours, including Dark Chocolate with Orange Zest, Almond Butter, Matcha (pictured), and Dark C
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Made For Menopausal Skin
Menopause is a time of huge changes in your skin, often including collagen loss, dehydration and dullness. But help is at hand thanks to a new range. Neck skincare specialist PRAI Beauty has teamed up with M&S to launch MenoGlow, a five-product range
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Fix Your Halo
Elevate your haircare routine with My. Organics Angel Potion 3 in 1 Leave in Hair Cream (£19,, which brings life to damaged, lifeless locks. The organic leave-in cream is already hugely popular around the world and for good reason
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Your Need-to-know Guide To Wild Swimming
SUIT UP. Swimming wet suits are made of neoprene and have a plastic rubber coating on them partly for insulation. A surfing wetsuit is unsuitable as it’s designed for someone to be on not in the water. That wetsuit will retain water, so it gets quite
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Sweet Potato And Black Bean Burgers
Instagrammers and podcast hosts Sophie Bertrand and Bari Stricoff have plenty of nutrition know-how and this was the first recipe they ever made together. If you don’t have a food processor, don’t worry, just mash up the ingredients. This recipe is f
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Meat On The Menu
While you’re traditionally told to avoid red meat if you’re prone to heart problems, there’s a promising new study for carnivores. Following a Mediterranean diet with small portions of lean beef can help lower risk factors for heart disease, includin
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Jasmine Harman
I have to enjoy health and fitness for it to be sustainable. At primary school, I was captain of the netball team but I wasn’t a natural sportswoman. So, in my teens, I went to aerobic classes, which is my go-to workout of choice because I love the m
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Going Low Carb High Fat
YOU MAY THINK low carb is just the latest fad when it comes to diets, but you may be surprised to know it has been recommended by doctors for the treatment of diabetes and obesity-related illnesses for more than 100 years, even before our diets chang
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Love Your Liver
You probably already know that exercise is wonderful for your heart, but did you know there are benefits for your liver, too? Japanese researchers have found that following a regular exercise regime can reduce liver steatosis (a build-up of fat) and
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How Does Your GARDEN GROW?
Fennel and dill look mighty similar, yet their flavours couldn’t be further apart. Occasionally they jar – here they are perfect partners, elevating everything to a brighter whole. I like this quite big on the herbs, but ease off if you fancy, and do
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Healthy HOME
Powered by essential oils, the Essential Drops Bathroom Aromatics (from £18, are designed to naturally reduce and prevent bathroom odours. Simply add 3-4 drops to the sink basin or toilet bowl and let the oils create a film to t
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Try Nolan’s Moves To Help Improve Your Insulin Resistance…
1 Stand with your feet hip-width apart, toes pointing forward. 2 Bend at the knees and ankles and slowly lower yourself down with your bum going backwards, as if sitting. 3 Go as low as you can without discomfort, keeping your chest and head up. 4 Av
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Controlling Blood Sugar Spikes
MORE THAN 4.8 million people in the UK have diabetes, according to Diabetes UK. This is equal to one in 14 people. The vast majority of these cases are the largely preventable Type 2 diabetes, where the insulin your body makes either can’t work effec
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Top Fitness
Who’s the fittest of them all? Actually, you could be, with the new VAHA fitness mirror (from £1,150, These new workout devices stream a virtual personal trainer directly into your home, like a hologram. The smart products have grown in pop
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Back Up
Back at the gym and ready to update your kitbag? Look no further than Built for Athletes Hero 2.0 Backpack (from £79.99,, which is a bespoke kit carrier that gives back to the planet. Not only are the bags the perfect place to s
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Hair Raising
Hair feeling a little flat? Reach for new heights with the MONAT Studio One Volume & Lift Spray (£31, Infused with REJUVENIQE S and moisturising watermelon extract, the spray lifts at the roots, providing weightless volume. But the
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Top Of The Pods
All dog owners know that the benefits of their furry friends go far beyond being forced out for walks. Conversations With My Dog is all about the impact faithful hounds have on your mental health and is hosted by Mahny Djahanguiri, the founder of Dog
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3 Of The Best… Low-carb Granolas
Z-ora Superfood Bowls (£14.30 for 450g, are perfect for low-carb fans. They come in three flavours and are packed with nutrients. CarbZone Low Carb Crunchy Granolas (£5.08, have 3-5 grams of carbs per portion and 12 grams o
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Skincare made just for you Discover lavera’s highest level of natural facial care for mature skin. The new lavera MY AGE skincare range (from £13, includes organic hibiscus and natural ceramides to minimise wrinkles and ensure a firm, smo
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Get 3 Issues For Just £5
Lose Weight Feel Great! is a new magazine which will help you achieve the weight you’re happy with, by providing advice and inspiration on how to make simple and enduring changes to your lifestyle and food choices. • Recipes and easy to follow instru
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Not So Sweet?
THERE MUST BE A ZILLION and one different face creams on the market, designed to do a variety of things, from hydrating to supposedly turning back time on wrinkles. However, no skin cream is ever going to be able to make up for, or undo, a lifetime o
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The Fatt Pack (£10, includes a mix of ketogenic nut bars and one cookie – perfect to help me on my keto diet. High fibre, prebiotic and with no artificial sweeteners, the pack includes the brand’s new Caramel & Sea Salt Bar (pictured) a
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Your CBD life!
WITH THE WAY THINGS are going, more than five million people in the UK are expected to have diabetes by 2025*, with around 90 per cent being Type 2 diabetes, eight per cent Type 1 and two per cent presenting with a rarer form. There are a multitude o
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Getting A Grip On GLUCOSE
IF YOU AUTOMATICALLY AVOID weights at the gym, or a set of dumbbells is gathering dust at home, we’ve got some very compelling reasons to alter your attitude to strength training. A study at Iowa State University surveyed around 5,000 adults classed
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The Sugar - Free Con
WE LIVE IN a sugarsaturated world. Every major holiday or celebration is aligned with sugar in some form – cakes at Christmas, chocolate eggs at Easter, sweets to celebrate a birthday. But we are also more clued up these days on the effects of too mu
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