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The rise of Adolf Hitler – from failed artist to Führer – is one that few would have predicted when he joined the then German Workers’ Party (later the Nazi Party) in 1919. But less than 15 years later, Hitler had obtained absolute power in Germany a
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Historical Consultant
HOW DID YOU BECOME A HISTORICAL CONSULTANT? After studying archaeology at Cambridge, I assumed that I would become an academic, but then I realised that I didn’t want to become an expert on one area of a subject, but rather know a little about a lot
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Indoctrination At Every Level
The terms of the Treaty of Versailles of 1919 had significantly shorn postwar Germany of its military might. During the war, it had boasted an army numbering nearly 2 million, but the treaty stripped this back to just 100,000 soldiers, whose core dut
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This Month’s Big Numbers
600 The number of men who secretly dug tunnels for the 1944 escape from Stalag Luft III 300 The number of enslaved people Harriet Tubman helped to freedom via the Underground Railroad 200,000 The number of people thought to have been killed as part
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Queen Anne’s Turbulent Life And Reign
Born in 1665 during the reign of her uncle, King Charles II, Anne Stuart was not raised with the expectation of inheriting the throne. She was the second surviving child of James, Duke of York, by his first wife, Anne Hyde, and raised much like other
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Hitler’s Children
On 14 September 1935, Adolf Hitler stepped up to a podium facing a 50,000-strong crowd in the rally grounds of Nuremberg. With his fists clenched, he spoke in a tone that captivated his audience. This time, the entire crowd was made up of Hitler Yout
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In Context
The goals of the Babington Plot in 1586 were to assassinate Elizabeth I and place the Roman Catholic Mary, Queen of Scots on the throne of England. To ensure success, Spain promised an invasion force. The plot took its name from Anthony Babington, wh
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Also In The Running...
Born in Guyana in 1905 to a Geordie mother and black Guyanese medical student father, Jack London (second from left, above) moved to the UK in 1921 where he trained with Harold Abrahams’ coach, Sam Mussabini. At the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam, London
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Get Hooked
Richard J Evans’s three-volume history – The Coming of the Third Reich(2004),The Third Reich in Power (2005) and The Third Reich at War (2008) – offers a definitive account of the rise and fall of Nazi Germany. The much-acclaimed series explores Hitl
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Malicious Communications
On 5 September 1934, thousands of smiling men, women and children gathered along the streets of Nuremberg to welcome the arrival of Adolf Hitler. Famed for its medieval architecture and Bavarian charm, the city was to again host the Nazi Party’s annu
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Other Key Figures
Private secretary for Hitler and head of the Nazi Party’s Chancellery, Martin Bormann’s power was in truth second only to Hitler himself. Attaining much of his influence from 1941 onwards, he was instrumental in the struggles and persecutions between
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Did You Know? Three Strikes And Out
The executioner needed three attempts to sever the head of Mary, Queen of Scots. He then held it up by the hair, only to realise that Mary had been wearing a wig and the head fell to the ground. ■
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Did You Know
Baldur von Schirach, in charge of the Hitler Youth from 1931, was three-quarters American, and spoke English as his first language. He was a direct descendant of Thomas Heyward Jr - a signatory of the US Declaration of Independence. ■
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Unnatural Selection
To help create a so-called ‘master race’, in 1936 the leaders of the SS unveiled a new, state-sponsored programme: Lebensborn (Fountain of Life). As part of this policy, SS members – married or not – were encouraged to father at least four offspring.
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Harry Edward Britain's First Black Olympic Hero
The British and French sprinters and their trainers circled Belgian officials in protest, gesticulating angrily towards the man at the far end of the cinder track with the starting pistol in his hand – the marksman they were accusing of making a fals
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Victims Of The Holocaust
In Nazi ideological terms, Jews were more than simply Untermensch (inferior people) – they were a global threat that, if not eradicated, would eliminate the ‘Aryan master race’ that Hitler was so desperate to promote in Germany. It was a belief that
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Paranormal Cold Case Investigating History’s Most Spine-chilling Encounters
I’m in prison. It’s a crisp, dark night, the stars twinkle above me in the West Country sky and I am standing in the courtyard of HMP Shepton Mallet, formerly the oldest working prison in the UK until it finally closed its doors in 2013. Its most fam
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Everything You Wanted To Know About Life In Nazi Germany
Q: When we talk about Nazi Germany, what timeframe does this cover and what events bookend that period? A: Well, it officially begins on 30 January 1933, which is when the leader of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (the Nazi Party), Ado
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Youth Groups Against Hitler
Despite it being mandatory – from 25 March 1939 – for all males aged 10 to 18 to commit to the Hitler Youth, many young people avoided joining, and some even went so far as to form their own rival, anti-Nazi youth groups. The largest of these were th
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First published back in 2016, this award-winning look at the long relationship between Britain and people from Africa and the Caribbean is now rereleased in paperback with a new chapter. The fresh material is representative of just how crucial and ti
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Photo Finish
The cultivation of indigo was big business in the British Raj. Such was the global demand by the end of the 19th century that the dye (known as ‘blue gold’) became one of the most precious commodities in the British empire’s monopoly, with vast tract
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The Charter Of The Forest
WHAT WAS THE CHARTER OF THE FOREST? The Charter of the Forest was a piece of legislation issued in 1217 on behalf of King Henry III, England’s 10-year-old monarch. The Charter curbed the unbridled power of the monarchy over England’s forests and rea
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What To Listen To...
bit.ly/TwentiesPod97 The restrictions, and sadness, wrought by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic have led some commentators to speculate whether the rest of the decade might see a 1920s-esque flourishing of culture and economy. This series explores whe
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The Road To The Reichstag
The right-wing German Workers’ Party (DAP) is founded in Munich, promoting anti-Semitism and German nationalism. Eight months later, a 30-year-old Adolf Hitler becomes the party’s 55th member. The DAP, having changed its name to the National Sociali
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The Mothers Of The ‘Master Race’
According to Joseph Goebbels, “the mission of women” was to be “beautiful and to bring children into the world”. Consequently, in the interests of creating and promoting an ‘Aryan race’ the Nazis dispensed with traditional Christian-based morality an
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PAID ENTRY hrp.org.uk/kensington-palace Lovers of royal fashion will be in their element with Kensington Palace’s new exhibition. Housed inside the palace’s newly conserved orangery, the display showcases rare items from the royal fashion archives
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What If... The Babington Plot Had Succeeded?
Queen Elizabeth I faced a number of assassination plots by Roman Catholics seeking to restore their religion in Protestant England and raise her cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots, to the throne. The Ridolfi Plot of 1571 had support from King Philip II of
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The Nazi Party’s Rise To Power
Germany, in the immediate years following World War I, was a mightily unstable place. Dangerous, too. Paramilitaries, known as Freikorps, roamed the streets, eager to violently suppress any communist uprisings. The ideologies of these right-wing mili
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Did You Know
The biology curriculum was changed to teach Nazi beliefs on race, including eugenics. In his 1925 book Mein Kampf, Hitler had written: "No boy or girl must leave school without having attained a clear insight into the meaning of racial purity." ■
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The Night Of The Long Knives
Having successfully created a one-party state during the first half of 1933, Adolf Hitler then embarked on a short – and very violent – programme of instilling loyalty within the Nazi Party. The main targets were the most prominent members of the Stu
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