about Anthony St. John

I am a positively constructive stimulus...among other things!

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The Metamorphosis of Post-Second World War Warfare
A Contrastive Scrutiny of Some Women's Buttocks
Una metodologia che definisce l'economia umanitaria
Anthony St. John
Please...I Beg You!
My Endorsement for Presidentess Hillary in 2016
The Agony of a Europe Schizoid Yet Not Straight-jacketed
An Onerous SITuation REPort for a Woebegone Italy
Quo Vadis, Psychoanalysis?
"Think Tankers'" Brains Clogged With Medieval Gook
Bobbing Up & Down Nervously
Anthony St. John
The Age of Suicide
New York Author to Testify in Denis Verdini's Italian Trial
The Language of the Artillery & the Language of Ludwig Wittgenstein
Sycophants of the Architects of Financial Doom
La mia preferenza per Presidente dell'Italia è...
A Very Brief Biographical Sketch of Anthony St. John
Words & Images & Atrophic Thoughts & Declining Civilizations
Come ho fregato lo stolto gaglioffo Denis Verdini & Company
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