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Venture Capitalist, Sponsored Athlete & Educator. Board Director of Glyde, Scribd, Voxer. Chairma... see more see less

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2015 10 07 BitFury Blockchain Summit Abu Dhabi
Pentax Optio Wg3 Manual
H. Le; Bill Tai Patent Filing - Systems and Methods for Analyzing Social Network User Data - Dec 20, 2012. Pub. No.
鱼翅汤 - 有毒,以人脑。研究迈阿密大学。--Shark Fin Soup Toxic to Human Brains (Mandarin translation). Infographic by Morgan Visalli
鲨鱼翅中的蓝藻神经毒素茁-N-甲氨基-L-丙氨酸( BMAA) Cyanobacterial Neurotoxin β-N-Methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA) in Shark Fins (中国普通话翻译)
Shark Fin Soup - Toxic to Human Brains. Research from the University of Miami. Infographic by Morgan Visalli
Cyanobacterial Neurotoxin β-N-Methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA) in Shark Fins (http
Bitcoin Bitter to Better - How to Make Bitcoin a Better Currency
Twitter IPO Case Study - Pre-Shoe (11 7 2013)
2013 10 19 CEA Annual (Draft - PPT for Crew)
Roadshow Slides for the OzApp 2014 Contest
Bill Tai - Slides for the Swipe Conference - Mobile App Dev Conf in Sydney
Bill Tai OzAPP Roadshow Slides PDF (draft)
the Classical Gold Standard
Cook Island Kiting
2010 12 01 - The Moment of Truth - Fiscal Commision . GOV
Taming Hyper Inflation in Zimbabwe
Updated (11/16/2010) Mary Meeker Web 2.0 Presentation
Univation Conf - Keynote Slides
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