Jon Phillips

Aiki Framework and Aiki Lab Pve Ltd
Copyleft Hardware and the Ben Nanonote FOSDEM2010
Whats Your StatusNet 2.0 (Updates like
Whats Your StatusNet Lightning Talk 1.0
What's Your StatusNet? Updates like
Overlap Salon Melbourne 2009
Laoban Speaker Workshop Melbourne 2009 Light
The Open Software Services Evolution, featuring
Jon Phillips
Lu Magazine Cantocore Feature 52 81特别报道
Opening Remix Networks at Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts
Cantocore Import/Export Guangzhou Pamphlet
CCPlus, Business, Case Studies and ccTools at Open Business Track Sapporo
PDWiki Mini Unconference 2008
OER XinXai (NOW)! Dalian OCWC Conference 2008
Slices of the Digital Music Business Early 2008
W3b Sk1llz Zhongshan University Day 2
Creative Commons CC+ Overview
W3b Sk1llz at Zhongshan University China Day 1 of 2
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