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The New Jim Crow

Key insights from Michelle Alexander and Cornel West's

The New Jim Crow

Key insights from Michelle Alexander and Cornel West's

The New Jim Crow

8 minutes

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An exhaustive study of racial discrimination.

"The New Jim Crow" is the definitive statement on mass incarceration at a time when racism in the United States is arguably more prevalent than ever. As people of color and the poor continue to be systematically abused in the United States, while society turns a blind eye to ongoing discriminations, Michelle Alexander’s treatise on the realities of social neglect is an undeniable wake-up call.

Read this Snapshot if you:

  • Have ever wondered how racism can exist in a ‘colorblind’ society
  • Want to understand the systemic origins of racial discrimination
  • Believe racism is a hidden truth that needs to be openly acknowledged
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As a litigation lawyer, civil rights activist, and African-American woman, Michelle Alexander deeply understands the intersectionality of race, class, and social status. In this Snapshot, you’ll learn the Jim Crow laws of old resurfacing in new and virulent form, and how, by our irrevocable awareness, we can begin to dismantle the mechanisms supporting them. The key word of “colorblind,” a neoliberal creation meant not to undermine racism but ignore its perpetuation, is “blind,” for indeed we’ve lost sight of ongoing racial disparity, privilege, and harm. We look to such civil...

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