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The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry

7 minutes
Immerse yourself in the stories of those who are labeled insane and the dubious practices of those who diagnose them.

A few years ago, several dozen prominent neurologists and academics began receiving a similar package in the mail: a beautifully printed book with a note. The message to the recipients advised them that they’d been selected to crack a mysterious code, but no one knew where the packages had originated from. “The Psychopath Test” is the story of the journey to crack that code and how it informs the diagnosis and treatment of psychopaths. What do we know about the industry of diagnosing madness?

Read this Snapshot if you:

  • Wonder how mental illness is diagnosed — and if there might be mistakes in the process
  • Want to go behind-the-scenes of mental health facilities
  • Are interested in how the mentally ill are treated
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