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Fascism: A Warning

Key insights from Madeleine Albright's

Fascism: A Warning

Key insights from Madeleine Albright's

Fascism: A Warning

8 minutes

Madeleine Albright’s timely history of fascism should give us pause, no matter which side of the wall we’re on.

Formulated in response to growing concerns over harmful ideologies gaining traction in the United States and elsewhere in the world, Madeleine Albright’s take on fascism couldn’t be more timely.

Read this Snapshot if you:

  • Want a capsule history of fascism in all its forms
  • Want a more detailed understanding of the comparisons between Donald Trump’s presidency and fascism
  • Care about democracy and want to know how to protect it
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Madeleine Albright has long been on a mission to uphold the values of democracy. With the 2016 election, she found those values compromised in unprecedented ways.

In order to neutralize those concerns, and launch a message of hope and healing from the wreckage, she decided to put together the material covered in this Snapshot, taking on the evils of fascism and the deceptive ways in which it has crept into American consciousness. The result is a message that everyone should hear and consider before it’s too late.

From the Shadows

The problem with present-day America is not that...

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