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13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do: Take Back Your Power, Embrace Change, Face Your Fears, and Train Your Brain for Happiness and Success

11 minutes
Thirteen habit upgrades that will give you the courage and wisdom to live meaningfully.

Your life is too short, beautiful, dangerous, and unpredictable to waste trapped in negative thought patterns. Whether you’re a teacher, an entrepreneur, or managing an illness, your happiness and ability to live up to your potential are entirely determined by what goes on inside your head. In this Snapshot, psychotherapist Amy Morin shares 13 secrets to kicking bad mental habits and toughening yourself up so that you’re ready for whatever life has in store for you.

Read this Snapshot if you:

  • Want to stop sabotaging your happiness with negative thoughts
  • Struggle with jealousy, anxiety, and self-doubt
  • Want to be content no matter how successful you are
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