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Focus Calendar 2015-16 IB Q1
Lee Ann Spillane
Lee Ann Spillane
RJ Directs Q1 Analysis
Reaing Journal Directions 2015
Lee Ann Spillane
Blueprints of a Lifetime
Lynn_christmas Rat Narrative
Sentence Completions 2015
Lee Ann Spillane
Book Lice Template
Pyramids of Hate and Love
How Do You Spend Your Time- Reading Minutes- Naep
Unit-Project Plan_ Analyzing Word Choice_revised ACA
Image Grammmar
Lee Ann Spillane
Problem of Practice
Lee Ann Spillane
Testing Piece
Summer Reading Aplang2015
Summer Reading Pre-IB Eng 2 2015
Lee Ann Spillane
Raft Writing
Self Evaluation Sample 2015- Period 4
Yasmina's Independent Reading Essay
Speaking & Listening Scale
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