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I am a retired educator, educational software designer and publisher , and data analyst. My worki... see more see less

The Neurocognition of Reading
Broken Dreams - The Jobs they won't get
Alice, Meet the Stupids Family
Abput Wikileaks War Logs v2.0
A Political Way Forward
The Broken Compact Country v. Citizen
War in the Workplace -ToC & Forward
War in the Workplace - Combating the Predatory Employer
Sample Severance Waiver and Release
Independent Contractor Qualification
Things I Have or May Have Said at Work, but You Shouldn't
Sherwin Steffin
Economic Games
Sherwin Steffin
A War of two Worlds
A Nation At (Educational) Risk
Transporotek Prospectus
Explain this, if you can!
Congress - The Return of the Body Snatchers
Driving a Stake in the Heart of Conspiracy Theories
What's wrong with American Education?
Sherwin Steffin
Timing is Everything
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