Smoking Final Stickerr
Pepsi Illustrator Work Final
Pepsi Can Design 1 Smaller 4 Option
Sudeep Poudel
Pepsi 3 Sheet
Packaging Final Layout Presentation Submi-1
Sudeep Poudel
Maiti Nepal Posture
Maiti Nepal Assignment
Black Dynamite Final CD Cover-1
Sudeep Poudel
Sudeep Poudel
Navjyoti Rural
Navjyoti Research Work Final
Drug Abuse Syringe+Hand+Gun Development Process3
Tone of Voice .Reflect Your Understanding by Giving an Example (Case Study)
Define SEC( Socio Economic Category) Demographic, Psycho Graphic, Generation Y, Generation Z, Baby Boomers
A Brief Write Up on Marketing and Advertising Objectives Study FMCG CG Brands
2_ Case Studiy Based on Advertising Objective
2 Case Studies of Agencies and Their Organizational Structure
1 Case Study Based on Advertising Creative Strategies
1- Case Studies Based on Advertising Objectives
Write Up That Demonstrate an Understanding of Different Types of Advertising Agencies
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