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Our team

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Transcript of Grow With Us

Trip (Co-Founder and CEO): Yes, Scribd is my first and only job in my life so far. [laughs]Lily (Product Designer): I started as an intern at Scribd. I was really given the chance to work on projects that pushed my skill levels.Alex (Senior Product Manager, Growth): How much do you value learning? Because there is a new opportunity at Scribd, all the time, you can always raise your hand and say, 'Hey I've noticed this thing that could be better. Can I work on it?' and pretty likely the response you'd get is 'Yes'Zoe (Marketing Associate): So, I'm with the CS team for about three years and decided that I wanted to kind of explore some other avenues. Then in the last year, I kind of fully transitioned over to marketing and it's been great.Mike (Head of Product): I joined Scribd as an intern. I did product management work, took ownership of a lot of different areas, and then moved into a leadership position. All the work that you do matters a lot here.Emily (iOS Engineer): I love working at Scribd. Because, I feel like we have such great people. I'm challenged every day. I have to learn and I have to really assert myself and figure out how to do things.Cindy (Software Engineer): So, the difference between here and other places that I've been at as well, is there's a huge emphasis on the cross-functional teams, and we got to really interact with non-engineers. All across the board, everyone's ideas are valued the same and everyone's just really passionate about working on a product regardless of what role you have in the company. Scribd has really offered me opportunities all throughout my career here.David (Marketing Manager): Every other job I've had in some way has prevented me from even providing to them the best of my abilities. But, Scribd not only seeks out what I'm good at, but it enables me to work on projects that capitalize on those skills, and that's just so exciting.

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Transcript of Our Future is Bright

Rama (VP Business Development): There's a certain excitement working at Scribd about getting people to read more books. It has a higher meaning or purpose.Jen (Head of Marketing): I think, the fact that we’re developing something that could possibly change consumer behavior and really revolutionize an industry is very exciting.Tod (VP Finance and Operations): Scribd was really the first company that's taken a new business model approach to the publishing industry, and found a really convenient and easy way to get people to read books, which I love to read. It shows that for all of the work and commitment you make to a company, that it's starting to pay off that you can see the results of your hard work day in and day out, year in and then year out. Because it does take time to build a substantial business. It doesn't happen overnight.Kevin (Manager, Data Science): I think that, I'm most looking forward to the challenge of scaling the organization.Sabeen (SVP Product & Engineering): It’s right there in front of us, as far as reaching that goal. Yes, it’s a challenging goal and a stretch goal but it feels very achievable.Karen (Head of Human Resources): I’m excited about being able to recruit more senior level people, and we’re working on that now. I’m excited about career pathing people who are here.Alex (Web Development Manager): I'm excited to be bringing in as many folks from different backgrounds, and different perspectives.David (Marketing Manager): You know, when you asked me 'What have I seen changed at Scribd since I've been here?' Is that, I've seen the product just get better and better and better. When I think about the future and where we're going, it's what I'm most excited about. Because if they got this good in just the two years, where is it going to be next year and where is it going to be the year after that?

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Transcript of Own Your Success

Sabeen (SVP Product & Engineering): A key engineer here could have as much influence as a senior member of the leadership team, as far as the direction of the technology that we can take.Stephane (iOS Engineer): Coming in from place like Apple to a company like Scribd, your input as an inspanidual contributor goes to the roof. You can take all that expertise you've had as being just kind of a small cog in a big machine, come here and really help guide a product.Joe (Head of Mobile Engineering): ...if you want to do something, you can just start doing it, and then maybe that will actually just become your job.Mike (Head of Product): ...a few years ago when Scribd had no personalized recommendations and just during a Hack Day, me and somebody else over the course of 12 or so hours, wrote some software to create personalized recommendations for everybody. I thought that was cool. That sort of boot strapped many years to come.Jen (Head of Marketing): My manager, and of course the CEO, Trip empower their employees to take ownership. And you’re willing to take ownership over something, really, the sky’s the limit.Nikos (Chief Architect): I think one of the biggest benefits here is that you can actually influence a lot of users directly.Toby (Head of Engineering Systems and Infrastructure): We have a lot of impact because we are a small team. You will get your hands dirty in designing, developing and sending out your code to production.Tifa (Marketing Art Director): I love being able to point to something and say 'I made that.' Like 'Look at that.' 'That's so cool.' 'I made that.' [Laughs]

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Transcript of Our Favorite Books

David: For me, the book that I'd love to give people the most, it's called 'The Reason I Jump'Nikos: ...that would be 'Zorba the Greek,' it's by Nikos KazantzakisJen: 'Hillbilly Elegy' by J. D. VanceZoe: 'Please Look After Mom' and it's available on ScribdAlison: 'Adverbs' by Daniel Handler is one of my absolute favorites, and then the other book is called 'Shades of Grey' by Jasper Fjord.Tifa: ... it's Neil Gaiman's 'Norse Mythology'Sabeen: 'Shoe Dog,' it's by the CEO of NikeKay: It's by Arnold Schwarzenegger, [Laughter] and I'm really into it right now. It's called the 'Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding'Paris: 'Algorithms To Live By'Tod: ... it's called 'The Hard Thing About Hard Things'Alex: 'The Underground Railroad,' amazing!Trip: ... one of my favorite all-time business books is on Scribd, it's called 'Good to Great'Emily: 'Yes Please' by Amy Poehler. She’s amazing.Mike: 'The Art of Thinking Clearly' by Rolf DobelliAlex: 'Tiny Beautiful Things' by Cheryl StrayedKaren: I've just finished Bruce Springsteen's 'Born to Run,' and I loved itToby: ... so the book is called 'Cracking the Cube' by Ian Scheffler. It's about the rise of the Speedcubing community for Rubik's cubes.And I'm biased because I'm featured in it. [Laughs]

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