NW 10 Two Notions of Hell (Watkins)
NW 10 the Knight of the Sun - A Note (Triggs)
NW 10 the Gold Thread. Essays on George MacDonald (Raeper) (Res. Davies)
NW 10 John McBey and the Wow o' Rivven (Lobban)
NW 10 George MacDonald. a Bibliographical Study (Shaberman) (Res. Johnson)
NW 10 Beheld From the Other Side (Webb)
NW 10 Addendum to an Article Previously Published (Docherty)
NW 9 the Sources of Phantastes (Docherty)
NW 9 the Princess and the Goblin, The Princess and Curdie (McGillis) (Res.)
NW 9 the Influence of Dante on George MacDonald (Spina)
NW 9 George MacDonald as the Forgotten Father (Hindmarsh)
NW 9 Extract From a Lecture Given by Dr. David Robb at Huntly on Wednesday 26th September 1990 (Robb)
NW 9 a Visit to Huntly September 1990 (Raeper)
NW 8 the MacDonald Family and Pilgrim's Progress (Johnson)
NW 8 MacDonald and Jacob Boehme (Nelson)
NW 8 George MacDonald in the Pulpit (Sadler)
NW 8 George MacDonald and T.S. Eliot. Further Consideration (John Pennington)
NW 7 George MacDonald and E.T.a. Hoffmann (Shaberman)
NW 7 George MacDonald (Robb) (Res. Cusick)
NW 7 a Theologian's Dealings With the Fairies (Watkins)
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