An Assessment of Presentism. Ph D thesis - Brannon David McDaniel - 2004.pdf
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Nonlinear Functional Analysis - J. T. Schwartz - 1969
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Buddhist Logic. Vol. I - F. Th. Stcherbatsky - 1993
Representation and Change. a Metarepresentational Framework for the Foundations of Physical and Cognitive Science - Francis Heylighen - 1987(1999)
Reading for Philosophical Inquiry. a Brief Introduction to Philosophical Thinking - L. Archie - J. G. Archie
The Manga Guide to Statistics - Shin Takahashi
Berkeley, Principles of Human Knowledge
Confucius - Analects
Aquinas - Of God & His Creatures
Frege, Gottlob - The Foundations of Arithmetic (1953) 2Ed; 7.0-2.5 LotB
Le Relativism - Raymond Boudon
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