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William Seidman has worked as a manager or consultant with many large and small organizations inc... see more see less

Four Steps to Transforming Contact Center Performance
Creating a Culture of Patient Satisfaction
A Shortcut to Customer Centricity
Maximizing Retail Performance
Effective Case Management
Maximizing New Hire Value
Courageous Performance Leadership
Change Management Craft or Science?
Discovering the Link Between Transformational Leadership & Positive Deviants
Using the Principles of Neuroscience to Sustain Long Term Transformational Change
Cerebyte's TRANSFORM Process Helps Employers Maximize Performance
Developing Devoted IT Customers
A Behavioral Approach to Knowledge Management
Saving Retiring Knowledge Workers Secret Sauce
Optimizing Knowledge Transfer and Use
Rediscovering the Corporate Soul
The Performance Improvement Multiplier- Leveraging Positive Deviant Wisdom to Sustain Organizational Change
8 Minutes to Performance Improvement- Effectively Using Positive Deviant Wisdom to Change Behavior
Your Organization's "Secret Sauce"- Discovering Positive Deviant Wisdom
Organizational Transformation A New Application of Persuasive Technology
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