NYPD Payroll List. 2
NYPD Payroll List.
Timeline of ANTISEC as Created and Operated Under FBI Supervision
503-page PDF of @AnonymouSabu's Twitter feed archive, Nov 21, 2011 up to Lulzsec arrests (early March 2012)
Subpoena on @jeffrae via Twitter
Sabu Court Dox
Subpoena on the @OccupyPlano WordPress
Subpoena on @destructuremal
Subpoena on @p0isAn0n @OccupyBoston #BostonPD #d0xcak3
City of Houston Salaries
2011 Greater Houston Area Elected Officials
LA Gov Salaries Full Time.
Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade List of Known Al-Qaida and Taliban members
Regulation 8 Consolidated
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Highlands Ranch Law Enforcement Training Facility
South Carolina - Gov Staff Who Make Over 50K
Florida Police department salary
City of Portland Payroll
Full US gov budget projected out to 2020 from the OPA
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