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Writer, educator and consultant on social work, end-of-life care and multiprofessional teamwork. ... see more see less

Malcolm Payne's publications to 2013
Social Work in End-of-life and Palliative Care
Modernist and postmodernist ideas in social work theory
Report on Four Years of a Palliative Care and Social Work Blog
Communication in the palliative care team (2012)
9 Top Tips for Managing a Blog for an Organisation
7 Top Tips for Getting Information for Writing a Blog
The Dilnot Report on UK Social Care Funding and the Palliative Care Funding Review, 2011
NICE End-of-life Quality Standards and Social Care
Palliative Social Work Competencies
Local Government the Real Backbone of Social Work
Partnership between organisations in social work education
Partnership between organisations in social work education
Standards of written and spoken English in Social Work Education
UK Government's Green paper on 'Giving' - commentary and critique
Flexibilise Care An evaluation of Vision for Social Care 2010
Publications by Malcolm Payne on Social Work
Evaluation of palliative care and palliative care social work on YouTube
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