about Jim Hanas

I'm a Brooklyn-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in Slate, Radar, PRINT, Communicati... see more see less

Fantasia 2000 (Modern Humorist, 6.15.00)
Dear Deadbeat (Modern Humorist 4.10.02)
It's a Man's World (SOMA, Dec 1998)
FCC Turns Off Radio Pirates (In These Times, Feb 1998)
Spanking the Donkey (Radar, Summer 2005)
The Bubble Boy (Radar, February 2008)
War Collage (PRINT, December 2008)
Piece Movement (Creativity, June 2008)
The Guest (Fence, 2007)
The Adventures of Bad Badger (McSweeney's #3, 1999)
The Gawker Guide to Conquering All Media (Selections 2007)
American Beauty (Communication Arts Sept/Oct 2007)
Nose (Bridge Spring/Summer 2001)
Nielsen TV Ratings Activity Book (1996)
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