Eliot, The Three Voices of Poetry
Ricouer Metaphor and the Main Problem of Hermeneutics
The Self Sufficient Text
Stylistics and Literary History
Intertextuality and Hypertextuality
How Do Images Signify
Epic and History
Witt Gen Stein Priveledged Access and In Communicability
Witt Gen Stein Philosophy and Empirical Psychology
Rorty, Richard - Feminism, Ideology, And Deconstruction
Rorty, Richard - Analytic and Conversational Philosophy
Rorty Richard - Contingency Irony and Solidarity
Indetermism of Translation and Truth Rorty
Jean Paul Sartre - Being and Nothingness
Ferdinand de Saussure
Scholes Towards Semiotics of Literature
Scholes Towards Poetics of Fiction
Scholes Stillborn Literature
Scholes on Realism and Genre
scholes metafiction
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