Julie Taylor

The Marriage List


Spoilers ahead.

I can't stand politically correct, I-am-woman-hear-me-roar, modern females in my historical romances. I get a headache from the eye rolling. This hit on so many of my pet peeves, I would be pained to list them all typing with one finger on my phone. Everyone was so perfect or cliché. The heroine scoffed at being saved by a man and preferred being the grubby relative among her highfalutin family. Poor Cinderella was deserted by mom and pop and left with a beloved aunt and evil uncle. I guessed correctly what happened to her parents (though I was half joking because surely she wouldn't go with something that lame). The prized mare loved only the heroine while the spoiled other woman wanted the H to sell her. The h is supposedly right about everything. When the H followed her layperson suggestions, he underwent miraculous healing in record time. There's tons more but I'm getting a cramp. I can't believe I wasted a book credit on this. But please don't let me stop you from taking a read. I don't think my opinion is in the majority. It was ok between the pet peeves.
Body Art


3.5 stars. Very enjoyable. JCP is one of my favorites and her M.O. Is very apparent in this short story.