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I am an anthropologist specialising in the study of media. Currently I am Senior Lecturer in Medi... see more see less

Media Anthro Network workshop, London 27 May 2011
Egypt Uprising
The concept of field
Postill, J. 2008 Uses of keyword ‘practices’ in four media anthropological collections
Postill, J. Review of Holland et al 2001 Identity and Agency in Cultural Worlds
Postill, J. Review of Couldry, N. (2003) Media Rituals
Postill, J. Book review of Foster (2002) Materializing the Nation
Postill05_Book review for Ethnos of Aunger R (2002) The Electric Meme
Postill, J. Review of Hopper, P., Rebuilding Communities in an Age of Individualism
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Postill07+Review of Evens and Handelman (eds.) 2006. The Manchester School
Postill Review of Eickelman and Jon W. Anderson, eds., New Media and the Muslim World
Gordon Gray's Review of J. Postill Media Nation Building
Internet in everyday life
Bibliography of Media and Everyday Life
Researching the Internet, by John Postill
Researching the Internet by John Postill
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