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Essentialism Reconsidered by Carol P. Christ
Responding to Global Gender Injustice by Grace Ji
Encountering “the Change” as a Personal Exodus and Liberation by Michele Stopera Freyhauf «
Are Feminists Responsible for Diminishing National Security and a Weakening American Global Presence
Evangelical Missionaries Preach Death in Uganda by Andreea Nica
Tending the Fire of Our Circle of Older Women by Boyd, Carolyn Lee
27040931 Jayavarman VII Great Khmer King and an Emblematic Figure of the Khmer Nation
Tending the Fire of Our Circle of Older Women by Carolyn Lee Boyd
Is it Right to Intentionally Lie Because the Church Says to? The Case of Fr. Roy’s Assertion of Conscience Over Vatican’s Mandate to Lie By Michele Stopera Freyhauf
Using the Bible to Promote and Impose Terror on Women By Michele Stopera Freyhauf
The Heart of the Labyrinth by Daniel Cohen
Making Amends Far
Making Amends and Moving Forward by Hugo Schwyzer
A Personal Journey of Embodiment by Stacia Guzzo
The “Tenting” God and the Tenacity of Hope By Sheila E. McGinn, Ph.D.
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