Maria Jessamir Caramonte

Dominic (Slater Brothers, #1)


DNF at 73%

I wish I listened to the warning but I saw the high review and thought I'd give it a chance. It wasn't long until I realized that indeed, this book is not for me. I tried though. I really tried my best to finish this but I have several issues with the book.

First, the characters are not even slightly likeable, in my opinion. I like bad boys in stories but Nico is not cutting it for me. He is too alpha male for my taste and I don't like how he is when he's mad. I don't care if he "lives" her, he spouts derogatory words her way when angry. Don't even get me started with Bronagh. She is very hard to like and so easy to dislike. She is very childish and tactless. She'd be very rude one minute and then be overly sensitive the next. I don't even understand their facination with each other other than the physical attraction.

Second, the writing. I am sorry but the "me" instead of "my" accent is very distracting to read. I pause every time I encounter it, which is a lot, because I get confused for a second. Then I'd realize, oh yeah, it's the accent. There are plenty of cusses from almost all of the characters also. I let it slide for the first half of the book but it's slowly grating on my nerves and I think I've read enough F words to last me the whole year. Also, the way some things were worded makes the writing seem amateurish and the use of certain words repeatedly is also a minus for me. There are plenty of growling, grunting, and hissing. Like, practically on every page. Or at east it felt like it's on every page.

Third, the story is extremely slow paced. I'm 73% done but it is still the never-ending fight and make up between the main leads. It might be entertaining at first but it gets tiring when it happens every 5 minutes. I can just feel the drama-filled, rushed ending coming because the story would have to develop at some point, right? In this case, I'm guessing it's in the ending and I'm dog-tired already to actually reach that point.

Fourth, I can't connect to this book. It's not that surprising since I dislike the characters but it makes me feel bad and mean since I'd read them cackling or bursting out laughing and I'm here thinking, "what's so funny?" I'm the type of person who laughs easily but I just don't get the humor of this book. I am so sorry but I just have to DNF this and stay away from the series.