Lida Vianney

Preparation of cobalt hexacyanoferrate nanowires using carbon nanotubes as templates
Hybrid Treatment Systems for Dye Wastewater
Simultaneous Catalytic Removal of SOxand NOxwith HydrotalciteDerived Mixed Oxides Containing Copper, and Their Possibilities to Be Used in FCC Units
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Repaso de Cinética química
Calculation of Diffusion Coefficients and Layer Thickness for Oxidation the Ferrocene using Voltammetry Technique
Formatio Mechanism of Black Cobalt,Barrera,JES 147 (2000)
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Lecture Notes 3 Bonding in Metals
Operaciones Basicas en Excel
Influence of the Cation Na-CA-Ag Ratio on the Ion Exchange Ratio in ZMCPE
Cupcake Recipes
Effect of Potential on the Early Stages of Nucleation and Growth during Silver Electrocrystallization in Ammonium Medium on Vitreous Carbon
Study of the silver electrodeposition with non-stationary techniques in an ethylamine aqueous medium Stationery Techniques, Miranda,EActa 42 (1997)
Comparative Electrochemical Study ofMgZnGa and ZnGaAl Hydrotalcites
Carbon Paste Electrodes Review
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Comparative Study HT
Teaching Electroanal Chem, Anderson, j Chem Educat,
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