Shelby Capacio

Master Recipe for Gluten-Free Crusty Bread
Updated MSHSL Transgender Policy Draft
First draft of MSHSL Transgender policy
Shelby Capacio
Trans Latest Draft
Draft of Minnesota State High School League Policy Regarding Participation of Transgender Students
Intelligence Brief - Car Bombs (PDF)
John Doe 100 vs. Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis
Auxiliary Bishop Andrew Cozzen's statement on Kenneth LaVan
Timeline of Father Kenneth LaVan
St. Paul Predatory Offender meeting
Exhibit 33 in John Doe lawsuit against Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis
GM recalls announced June 30, 2014
17 Weapons Purchased by Shariff Mohammed
Minneapolis amendment to MLB Clean Zone resolution
Minnesota vs. Brian Patrick Merkt
Missing Poster for Omahri Victor
Missing Person Flier for Lucy Jane Clark
Shelby Capacio
2013 Femicide Report
Demurrer in Re Mann vs Minneapolis City Council Case No. A14-0026
Minnesota Supreme Court Order to Dismiss petition seeking writ of prohibition on bond sale
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