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Equity Capital in Emerging Domestic Markets and Its Critical Role in Driving Growth - NAIC and BCG Jul-2009
Role of Private Equity in US Capital Markets - Sonecon Oct-2008
Taxation of Carried Interest in Private Equity - Weisbach Apr-2008
American Jobs and the Impact of Private Equity Transactions - Sonecon Jan-2008
Private Equity and Leveraged Buyouts Study - European Parliament Nov-2007
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Role of the Private Equity Sector Promoting Economic Recovery by Sonecon - March 2009
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White Paper on Corporate Governance in Asia dated 04-December-2003 by OECD
Implementing the White Paper on Corporate Governance in Asia - Stock-Take of Progress on Priorities and Recommendations for Reform - October 2006 - OECD
Corporate Governance in Asia - Recent Evidence From Indonesia, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia - October-2004 - Asian Development Bank Institute
Testimony of Douglas Lowenstein of the Private Equity Council - 17-July-2009
Testimony of Mark Tresnowski of Madison Dearborn Partners on Behalf of the Private Equity Council - 15-July-2009
Corporate Governance and Value Creation - Evidence From Private Equity 2-June-2008 - McKinsey and London Business School
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