Nasir Ali

6 Case Studies of Using Video in Learning and Teaching
Pakistan Business Review - CBM 2014
Istikharah in the Light of the Sunnah
Tahir Ul Qadri Per Ilmi Girift
Impact of RFID on SCM
Impact of RFID to Performance
Impact of RFID on Life Cycle Engineering
Economic and Social Impact of Migraine
The Economic Impact of Obesity in the US
The Cost of Migraine and Its Treatment
Economic and Social Impact of Migraine
Economic Burden of Transformed Migraine
The Economic Burden of Obesity
Economic Consequences of Obesity & Diabetes
The Role of Personal Values in Marketing and Consumer Behavior
The Proper Interpretation of Sales Promotion Effects
The Influence of Sale Promotion Factors on Purchase Decisions
The Impact of Sales Promotion on Organization Effectiveness in Nigerian Manufacturing Industry
Strategy and Sustainable Competitive Advantage - The Case of Zara Fashion Chain
Strategic Influence of Promotional Mix on Organization Sale Turnover in the Face of Strong Competitors
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