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Bernard Lietaer - Options for Managing a Systemic Banking Crisis
Positive Money - Recovery in the Eurozone
Bernard Lietaer - The Mystery of Money, 287pp full pdf download
The Nature of Money, 206pp
Modernising Money full book by Positive Money
Where Does Money Come From full book by Positive Money
NEF - Trade Unions and UK Economy Reform
NEF - New Economic Model - Ecosystem, Macroeconomy and Financial System
IJCCR 2015 Special Issue - Complementary Currencies Magazine
Positive Money - The Positive Money Proposal
Positive Money - Sovereign Money Creation - Paving the Way for a Sustainable Recovery
Positive Money - Positive Monetary Reforms in Plain English
Positive Money - Our Money - Towards a New Monetary System by Frans Doorman
Positive Money - Increasing Competition in Payment Services
Positive Money - Flexibility in a Sovereign Money System by Dyson, Hodgson, A. Jackson
Positive Money - Five Lessons From the Design Flaws of Pound Sterling
Positive Money - Enough Credit in a Sovereign Money System, By Frank Van Lerven, Hodgson, Dyson
Positive Money - Draft Bill to Introduce Monetary Reforms in the Parliament
Positive Money - Creating and Switching to a Full Sovereign Monetary System
Positive Money - Banks Cannot and Do Not Lend Out Reserves
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