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Emeritus Professor at the University of New South Wales. I retain an office at the Australian Def... see more see less

Thayer Code of Conduct in the South China Sea and Beyond
Thayer Vietnam's Perspective on China-US Relations
Thayer Vietnam's Perspective on China-US Relations
Thayer Vietnam
Thayer Vietnam's 12th Party Congress - The China Factor
Thayer ASEAN’s Holy Grail – the South China Sea Code of Conduct
Thayer ASEAN
Thayer Vietnam’s Military Modernisation and National Defence Industry
Thayer Vietnam’s Advanced Kilo-class Submarines & South China Sea
Thayer South China Sea and China's Artificial Islands
Thayer Vietnam's Political Economy and the Role of the Military
Thayer ASEAN and the South China Sea
Thayer Beijing's Legal Alchemy - Those Artificial Islands
Thayer Who is the Biggest Aggressor in the South China Sea?
Thayer What is the Future of Australia's Maritime Security?
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