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Strategic Sectors Law FL No. 57 Amendments
US-Russia Cooperation - Law Enforcement
2012 Year in Review - Russia-Eurasia Section
Report of the Presidential Council on Human Rights re
GLOBE Project - E. European Cluster
Russia Enterprise Survey - World Bank - 2012
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The Russia Monitor
Politburo 2.0 Presentation
The Russia Monitor
Politburo 2.0 Report
Magnitsky Federation Council Report
2012 - Forecast for Russia 2012-14 - BOFIT
2012 - Russia Economic Report - WB
SSL Amendments - 3rd Reading
The Russia Monitor
Usa v. Kaushansky - Opinion
Usa v. Kaushansky - Indictment
Anti Corruption Committee Report on Adamov
SWGI Growth Fund - 2009 Annual Report
2011 - Russia Competitiveness Report - WEF
SSL Amendments - 2nd Reading
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