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ABSTRACT - The National Security Education Program and Its Service Requirement-An Exploratory Study of What Areas of Government and for What Duration National Security Education Program Recipients Have Worked a Dissertation by David Comp, 2013
U.S. Students Studying Abroad & Public Diplomacy Efforts-A Historical Review-CIES Presentation by D. Comp 3-2010
U.S. Presidents on International Exchanges and the Fulbright Program by Comp, 2009.Doc
History of Standards of Good Practice in Education Abroad Bibliography by Comp, 2008
Global Perspectives Inventory (GPI) - NAFSA 2008 Presentation
Education Inequality From the 1870's to 1954-A Brief History by Comp, 2008
Analysis of Research & Literature on Diversity in Ed. Abroad-A Synopsis by Comp, 2008
Numbers of International Students Studying in Germany in 2000 & 2002 by Comp
The Fulbright Acts - An Analysis of Four Historical Perspectives by D Comp
Tool for Institutions & Organizations to Assess Diversity of Participants in Education Abroad by David Comp
SECUSSA Research Committee Mission, Charge & Governance - March 2004
SECUSSA Research Committee - Argument for Formation
Systems Theory - Theories of Family Relations
Symbolic Interaction Theory - Theories of Family Relations
Exchange Throry - Theories of Family Relations
Developmental Theory - Theories of Family Relations
Elite Ideology in China, 1989 to Present by David Comp
Working Theoretical Model of Undergraduate Sojourner Change by D Comp
Women's Colleges - Institutional Sector Report
The Univ of Chicago Laboratory Schools, 1896-1904, the Dewey Years-An Analysis of Four Historical Perspectives
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