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Canon 5D Mark III HDR Feature QuickGuide
ActivInspire - Containers and Settings Keywords
C.M.sturgeon Cirriculum Vitae Instructional.technology.04-08.2014
Faculty Perceptions of the Factors Enabling and Facilitating Their Integration of Instructional Technology - Dissertation - C. Michael Sturgeon, PhD
Michael Sturgeon, Ph.D.
Revised Blooms Taxonomy
C.M.sturgeon Curriculum Vitae Instructional.technology -2013
Photoshop Gel Text Effect - Photoshop CS2 - CS6 (all will work)
XHTML Divisions Classes IDs CSS Fall 2010
ActivInspire Tool - Getting Started
Michael Sturgeon, Ph.D.
ActiviIspire Flipchart Rubric
Faculty Perceptions of the Factors Enabling and Facilitating their Integration of Instructional Technology in Teaching
Weebly used in Education
Michael Sturgeon, Ph.D.
Dreamweaver CS4 Site Definition / Managing Setup
What Happened to E-Learning and Why?
Michael Sturgeon, Ph.D.
Audacity Instructional Manual
Michael Sturgeon, Ph.D.
Inkscape Basic Instructions
Michael Sturgeon, Ph.D.
Multimedia Learning Bibliography
Michael Sturgeon, Ph.D.
Art of Illusion Instructions
Bibliography of Self-Efficacy and Self-Motivation
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