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A Novel Method for Information Hiding in Gradient Image
Vehicle Counting in Heterogeneous Traffic Condition
Comparison and Analysis of Energy-Efficient Geographical and Power Based Clustering Algorithm for Heterogeneous WSNs
Survey and Analysis of RF Radiations from Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) Using FUNAAB, Nigeria as a Case Study
A Bi-National Perspective of Digital Inclusion in Brazil and in the United States
Analysis of Secure Multipath Routing Protocols in Wireless Mesh Networks
Modeling and Simulation of a Dynamic Model for Road Networks using Mobile Agents
On the Implementation of IP Video Surveillance Systems
A Robust Hybrid Design for Driver Fatigue Detection
Pulse Broadening Induced by Second Order and Third Order Dispersion in a Dispersive Fiber
Low cost Ultra Wide Band hybrid radar design using virtual reference tags as road safety feature in vehicles
Suppression of Noise in Speech using Adaptive Gain Equalizer
Providing Anonymity for RFID Systems
Kids’ Learn Station Interactive learning tool for kids
Effect of Synchronization on Uplink Capacity Enhancement of WCDMA
A New Route Maintenance Approach for Dynamic Source Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Integration of VANET-WiMAX Network
Position Location Using Aplicom-12 Module
Design of SMS-Enabled Car Security System
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