Tomaselli - 2015-03-24 Powerpoint Slides for Antibiotics Talk - FINAL
Simon - Meatonomics Slides (15) 3-15
Green Ag Gag LA 3-28-15
Holmes - 2015.03.28 Holmes.powerpoint
Holmes - 2015.03.28 Holmes.Powerpoint.pdf
Hessler - USC Symposium
Hart - CAFO Animal Prot LA 3-28-2015
Brueckner - FINAL Power Point for ALDF Animal Law Symposium
Community Defense Strategies
Factory Farming Reading List
Second Circuit Opinion
NRDC v. US FDA.memorandum and Opinion.03.22.2012
Center for Food Safety Comments on Guidance 209
GFI #209 - Judicious Use of Antimicrobial Drugs - End Note 11 Correction
CDC Report on Antibiotic Resistance Threats
Henning - ALDF Law Conference 2015
Litigation Strategies for Reforming Unsafe and Illegal Practices in Industrialized Animal Agriculture
Cafo Final Rule2008 Comp
Cafo Circuit Decision Final
Farmed Animal Course Jmls Summer 2013 Syllabus
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