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Owner of Harmony Fine Arts and writer of the Outdoor Hour Challenges.

Harmony Fine Arts Overview Plans Grades 1-12 (www.harmonyfinearts.com)
Nature Study - Gardens eBook Sample
Winter Nature Study Series Sample Jan 2011
Vermeer and Haydn Art and Music Appreciation (Homeschool Art)
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Outdoor Hour Challenges Insects 22-28
Seasonal Weather Study
Seasonal Tree Study
Outdoor Hour Trees 31 to 35 and 37 to 38
Outdoor Hour Challenge Seasonal Work -Trees and Weather #11 #20 #36 #39 #40 #47
12th Grade History Literature Economics 1 6
Winter Nature Study eBook Sample 1
Autumn 2010 Nature Study eBook Sample
Renaissance Music Unit
Autumn Series Goldenrod Notebook Page
Sample Report Card John Muir
Summer Series Sample
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