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Divide by Zero and a Measurement of Infinities
Adrian Cox
Thomson's Lamp
n+1 Colours Conjecture
Where a+b = ab and the Silver and Golden Ratio
The Creative Writings Of An (A)narchist Written by Adi Cox
How Many Positive Integers Without Zeros, In Base Ten Have Digits That Add Up to 17,
the program that prints out all the integers without zeros, in base ten, that have digits which add up to 17.
Public Notice 11th August 2015
NINE Poems by Adi Cox - v2
This is Where I Come From
This is Where I Come From
The Nature of Human Intelligence
1,000,000 Rational Points on a Unit 2-Sphere
The Unit n Sphere and Rational Trig
Coordinated Angle Spaces
Adi Cox CV version 2
Adrian Cox
Adi Cox CV
How many positive integers have non zero digits that add up to 17 in base 10?
High IQ and Not Understanding
The Confessions of a Serial Procrastinator
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