Tarek Fatah

The Saudi Court Decision Convicting Raef Badawi for Blasphemy
Pakistan ISI at work against India in Canada?
The ISI at work in the corridors of Canada
The fascist nature of Indian communalism - Dilip Simeon's essay "The Philosophy of Number"
Terrorism and Atrocities of the Islamic State are Inspired and Justified by its Interpretations of Islam
'Unveiled' - The Rise of Fitnah
Chachnama - An Ancient History of Sind
"Western" vs "Islamic" Human Rights? A Discussion by UNHRC Special Rapporteur Heiner Bieiefeldt
Does Grover Norquist support Islamists in the United States, including Muslim Brotherhood operatives?
Everything you wanted to know about Jihad, but were too afraid to ask. Straight from the horse's mouth
Bengal - The Murder of a People
Foreign Fighters in Syria
HRW report on Saudi activists inside Saudi Arabia resisting government efforts to silence them.
A critique of Sarmila Bose's book absolving Pakistan of its war crimes in the 1971 Genocide in Bangladesh
International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) Report on "Authority without Accountability" in Pakistan's Supreme Court
Oxford University Study - Why Engineers are Overrepresented in Islamist Movements
The State of Curricula and Textbooks in Pakistan - The Subtle Subversion
Re-Imagining The Indus | A project of LUMS Pakistan and ORF India
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