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Fasting, Wisdom, and the Messengers
Believers United in Fasting and Prayer
The Shabbat and the Return
The Wisdom of Chanting the Hebrew Scriptures in Synagogue, Temple, and Congregational Services
The Spirit of the Adversary
The Approaching Volcanic Winter
Psalm 119 and the Chasid of YHWH
Tehillim/Psalm 107 and Circumcision of Heart
The Covenant and the Chesed
The Messiah Teaches Fasting in the Beatitudes
Was Mosheh a Melchizedek Priest?
Comets Are Not Dirty Snowballs
Enoch Walked With Elohim
The Greek Language
The Wisdom of Daniel and Fasting-Derived Humility
Is 666 an Evil Number?
Psalm 110 and the Melchizedek Priesthood
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