Jerry E. Brewer, Sr.

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Presentación CJIA en Español- Criminal Justice International Associates
Paraguayan Criminals and Guerrillas Are Multinational Threats
Mexico's Version of Border Woes Trumps U.S. Understanding
The Death of a Chilean Spy Chief, Operation Condor and the CIA
On Guerrillas and Gangs and Sham Truce Talks in Latin American
U.S. and Mexico Border Security Rhetoric Lacks Proper Focus
Canto Talk Radio Dallas With Jerry Brewer
With Respect to Cuba is Obama Guileful Duped or a Dim Bulb
With Respect to Cuba is Obama Guileful Duped or a Dim Bulb
Cuba and FARC, And Their Sinister Presence in Venezuela
Caravan to Midnight Radio- Guest Jerry Brewer
The Proliferation of Sex and Human Trafficking in the Western Hemisphere
The U.S. and Mexico Must Focus on Cooperative Security Benefits
Thaw and Engagement With Cuba’s 56 Year Old Communist Dictatorship
The Paradoxes of Law Enforcement in the Western Hemisphere
Fortuna de Familia Chavez Frias
Continuing Crime and Insecurity in Northern Central America
Ferguson Report Reflects and Exacerbates DOJ Retaliation
Self-Inflicted Misery and Tyranny among Latin America's Left
Argentine President is Again Mired in Corruption Allegations
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