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Making Evidence Matter in Canadian Health Policy
Beware the ghosts of medical researchHow Big Pharma has developed new forms of ‘research’ to serve their own interestsBy Marc-André Gagnon and Sergio Sismondo
Building the future of health careFinancing only the first stageBy Gregory Marchildon
Private health care by stealthWe have much to lose if we tinker with the Canada Health ActBy Allan Maslove
Why Canada should care about the Shouldice Hospital dealBy Irfan Dhalla
Bad science — and bad business — at the NRC Focus on commercialization of scientific enterprise is based on a fundamental misconception of how science worksBy Arya Sharma
Genetic privacy regulations may have unintended consequencesBy Robert Brown
Let’s not have Groundhog Day in Alberta’s public health care By Don Dick and Linda Woodhouse
Premiers’ health report a good start but important opportunities missedBy Ivy Lynn Bourgeault
Canadian doctors one of Canada’s fastest growing health costsBy Livio Di Matteo
Innovate, co-operate to improve health services for CanadiansLet’s be more than a ‘nation of pilot projects’By Kimberlyn McGrail
New hospital funding models not without risksHospital funding tops $47 billion, largest health care costBy Jason Sutherland and Trafford Crump
Don’t blame aging boomersBy Kimberlyn McGrail
Hip and knee implants need improved monitoring, assessment, Hip and knee replacement surgeries a billion dollar a year industry in Canada by Eric Bohm
Why nurses are the way of the futureBy Gina BrowneNurse-led care is the solution
For once, let’s be thankful to our ‘big brother’ in OttawaBy Robert BrownShorter mortgage amortization periods good public policy
Thanks for paying to have my teeth cleanedBy Irfan Dhalla
Moving Ontario hospitals into the 21st Century By Jason Sutherland and Erik HellstenFunding approaches that integrate care can improve access, costs and quality
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