about Cameron Totten

I am a California attorney specializing in bankruptcy, foreclosure defense and lender liability.

California Wrongful Foreclosure, Promissory Estoppel, Violation of Pooling and Servicing Agreement ("PSA") Complaint
California Complaint for Wrongful Foreclosure, Fraud, 17200 Violations, Violation of California Civil Code Section 2924j and 2924k, Violation of Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Act, Negligence and Conversiont Form
Opposition Demurrer SLS US Bank
Complaint for Violation of the One Action Rule, Breach of Contract, Wrongful Foreclosure, Promissory Estoppel, Fraud, Negligence, Misrepresentation,Rosenthal, Conversion and Unfair Business Practices
Complaint for Violation of the One Action Rule, Violation of Rosenthal Act, Wrongful Foreclosure, Conversion, Fraud, Misrepresentation, Unfair Business Practices
Oppo to Demurrer US Bank 4th Amended_Form
Second Amended Complaint_Form
Second Amended Complaint_Form
Cameron Totten
RPD One US Bank Form
Cameron Totten
Rpd One Sls Form
Cameron Totten
RFA One US Bank Form
Cameron Totten
Rfa One Sls Form
Plaintiff's Opposition to US Bank Demurrer
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