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"Urgent Appeal" of the Filipino fisher folks of Scarborough Shoal versus China
Salient Deletions and Amendments to the Original HB 4994 (BBL)
Felino Palafox, Jr. 145-Point Recommendation to Address Hazards
A Primer on the June 3, 2015 Precinct Automated Tallying System (PATaS) by Gus Lagman
Precinct Automated Tallying System (PATaS)
Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake along the West Valley Fault System
The Valley Fault System Atlas from Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology
How Safe is My House? Self-check for earthquake safety
Official Statement of the MILF signed by Chairman Murad regarding the unfortunate firefight in Mamasapanu in Maguindanao.
Memorandum Deed of Donation
Summary of 2015 Budget Errata
2015 Budget as presented by Rep Antonio Tinio
Analysis of the Proposed 2015 Budget and Program of Expenditures Revenue, Borrowing and Expenditure Programs
People's Initiative Petition vs Pork Barrel (Updated August 13, 2014)
Briefing of USec Garin With Congress on the Medical Assistance Program
Final Impeachment Complaint Against Bs Aquino by Bayan Et. Al.
PCIJ. Sidbear 1. the Story of DAP F July 2104
PCIJ. Part 1. Table 2. DAP by Recipient Agency-Agencies
PCIJ Sidebar Table7
PCIJ. Sidebar Table1
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