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Like kind card game (US patent 6193235)
Like kind money board table game (US patent 6186505)
Intelligent user interface including a touch sensor device (US patent 8288952)
User interface with proximity sensing (US patent 8035623)
Wine cellar alarm system (US patent 8710985)
Cell regulatory genes, encoded products, and uses related thereto (US patent 7030227)
Multicasting method and apparatus (US patent 6434622)
Method and apparatus for retrieving data from a network using linked location identifiers (US patent 6226655)
Casino bonus game using player strategy (US patent 6645071)
High-speed serial linking device with de-emphasis function and the method thereof (US patent 7313187)
Casing spacer (US patent 6736166)
Advance Products & Systems v. CCI Piping Systems
Modern Telecom Systems LLC
TracBeam v. Apple
Richmond v. Creative Industries
Senju Pharmaceutical et. al. v. Metrics et. al.
VIA Technologies et. al. v. ASUS Computer International et. al.
Perrie v. Perrie
Eckart v. Silberline Manufacturing
Senju Pharmaceutical et. al. v. Metrics et. al.
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