Dr. Franklin's Island


Oh dear, quite possibly one of the most boring books I have ever read. Okay, I mean, it started out fairly good. And I was confident it would be good because my friend wouldn't let it rest till I read it. But the second they became animals, I seriously was falling asleep. It was SO boring. Nothing was happening. At all. Had to go through pages and pages of a freaking mantra swimming around doing... nothing. The start was okay, and the end was okay. But everything in between was garbage.
Digital Fortress: A Thriller

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This will always remain my favourite Dan Brown book. It seems to be the least known book of his, but I absolutely adored it. It's action-packed and fast-moving. There were times when I was struggling for my breath because of what was going on. It managed to make me jump with shock and fear on my occasions, which is a rare thing to find in a book. Loved this one, and the characters were simply great.
The Lost Symbol


I've been anxious to read this book ever since it was first published last year, and was delighted to finally get my hands on a copy. I was, however, extremely disappointed. There's nothing new in this book, from the over-done plot to the recycled characters (Katherine Soloman is Sophie Neveu is Susan Fletcher), the book is dull. I figured out the major ''plot twist'' at the very start. I wasn't the least bit surprised that Mal'akh was Zachary Soloman, because I guessed it the very first time Mal'akh talked about his time in prison- it was blatantly obvious. All in all, there was nothing exciting about this book. The extensive research and factual knowledge (I learned quite a lot of history while reading it) put into the book earns it three stars from me, though.
Breaking Dawn


Torture. Just... pure torture. The first three were mediocre but this was one just plain ridiculous. It reads like fan fiction. Very, very, very BAD fan fiction.
Die fünf Tore 1 - Todeskreis


I absolutely adored this book. It's fast-paced and exciting. I couldn't put this one down until I'd finished it. Very powerful reading, and a wonderfully original plot.
Ill Wind


For a first book in a series, I thought it could have been better. The back stories to the characters were not really shown until well into the book, which I was a little annoyed with. That said, I did enjoy it. The main character, Jo, is strong and determined, and has an interesting sense of humour. I own and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series because it seems very promising.
New Moan: The First Book in The Twishite Saga: A Parody


Oh, I loved this. I really did. I'm a Twilight Fan-turned Twilight hater and I found this absolutely hilarious. Could have been better, and it mixed the books way too much, but I still thought it was well worth the read.


This book saddened me, it really did. It has so, so, so much potential. I absolutely adored Uglies. It was original and gripping. I had no reason to doubt that Pretties wouldn't be just as good. This was a major letdown, though.

The first quarter of the book stole many braincells from me. If I ever have to see 'Bubbly', 'Dizzy-making', 'Fashion-missing', 'Pretty-making' or ''Bogus'' again, I'll throw a fit. Literally every second word was those, and they didn't even make sense no matter what context they were used in.

Halfway through the book, Zane and Tally are given the cure pills by a Smoky. Tally is too chicken to take both of them herself, so she gives one to Zane and takes the other. This results in Tally feeling 'totally bubbly' but Zane getting atrocious headaches all the time.

They're both fitted with tracking cuffs, and realize they need to get them off before they can attempt to escape, so they start starving themselves in an effort to make their wrists skinny enough to slide the cuffs off. This also leads Tally to feeling 'bubbly' all the time, and we begin to see little glimpses of the old Tally coming back.

Tally's then best friend Shay, finds out that Tally split the cure with Zane, and not her. She goes off in a huff and attempts to find a cure for herself, which she manages to do. Her and a group of people form a clique which is based around self-harm. They get together and cut themselves, which makes them feel 'bubbly' E.G gives them a high and they are able to think for themselves for a bit. They become known as the Cutters.

Tally and Zane plot their escape in some sort of hot air balloons. They manage to burn the cuffs of themselves, but end up getting separated during the escape. Tally crash lands in a river, and ends up finding a pre-Rustie tribe who believe she is a God. One man there, Andrew Simpson Smith, speaks ''the language of the Gods'' and takes Tally under his wing. The two of them set off, but Andrew believes that within seven days they will reach the end of the world. Sure enough, after seven days they are unable to get any further due to security systems put in place, and Tally finally realizes that it's actually a reservation and they're being experimented on.

When the ''Gods'' next visit, Tally ties up a doctor and steals a hovercar. She meets up with David, who takes her to the Smoke where Zane already is. David's mother explains to Tally that she made a grave mistake by splitting the cure, because Zane only got the part which broke down the pretty brain cells, but not the part that stops the brain being broken down and therefore the cure kept eating away at Zane's brain. She then tells Tally that she wasn't cured at all, but somehow managed to say 'Bubbly' all by herself, which was a major Mary Sue plot 'twist'.

It turns out that Zane had a chip implanted into his tooth and the Specials end up finding her and Zane, and they plan on making Tally into a special.

The book could have been amazing, it was a very interesting idea. However, it was put together all wrong and all the characters were different than they were in the first one. Tally turned out to be rather selfish, and David was impossible to read. It gets two stars from me because it's a nice concept.
Cut: The true story of an abandoned, abused little girl who was desperate to be part of a family


I really enjoyed reading this- if ''enjoyed'' is the right word to use given the themes handled in the book. I'll admit, I was annoyed by a lot of things which Cathy thought, which is more than likely just due to being able to relate a lot to Dawn. It was an extremely gripping book, and I found the characters easy to like.
Beautiful Dead Book 1: Jonas


Eh, I expected a whole lot more from this book, to be honest. It wasn't bad.. but it just wasn't good. It was SO over-dramatic that found myself cringing half the time. The names also annoyed me, to be honest. Phoenix, Arizona, Jonas, Summer? Just didn't feel very ''typical high school'' to me and I found it hard to take a lot of the characters seriously. Overall, it was okay. I will be reading the sequel.. out of curiosity more than anything.